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Week 2 Circuit Workout

This week’s workout got my heart pumping, my brow sweaty, and had me sucking air! Happy Flex Friday!

Why circuit training? Particularly for fat-loss, training in a circuit manner can be helpful because it keeps you moving and your heart rate up. Circuit training is moving through a set of exercises, one exercise to the next, with no or minimal rest between exercises then taking a 1 to 2 minute rest at the end of the completed circuit. Then you repeat for a number of rounds.

What you’ll need:
– A mat
– Medium-sized non-bouncing medicine ball (I used an 8lb Dynamax ball)
– 2 light dumbbells or small plates (I used 2 10lb plates)

Shoot for 4 to 5 rounds of this circuit. Each round should take you about 5 minutes. Move through each exercise with no to minimal break and rest for 1 minute after the completed circuit. If you have any shoulder issues do not do this workout or try the modified less advanced versions of the exercises. Enjoy!

1. Medicine Ball Burpee with Tricep Push-Up
Take out the push-up is that is too difficult. 10 reps or more.

2. Staggered Push-Ups
If you can perform on toes with good form try it! Or go on knees. Switch hand position after each push-up. 12 reps or more (6 on each side, or as many as you can do with good form).

3. Squat with Knee Raise and Twist
Holding one dumbbell or plate, after you do a deep squat with good form raise up the knee and twist to one side (20 reps, 10 on each side, or as many as you can with good form).

4. Elevated Hip Thrusters
Elevate your feet on the medicine ball. Beginner would be to keep arms on the ground along your body for support. Advanced would be hands behind your head, then try one leg at a time (15 reps, or as many as you can with good form)

5. Plank on Med Ball with Toe Taps
Flip on over and get in a solid plank position with your toes elevated on the med ball. Tap toe on the ground one at a time (20 taps, 10 on each side, or as many as you can do with good form).

6. Skaters
Beginner would lose the plate and the back foot with touch the ground. Advanced alternate plate touching down lightly near front foot with back foot raised off the ground (20 or 10 on each side, or as many as you can do with good form).

7. Bent Over Rear Delt Fly
Keep neck in line with spine and do not round back. Booty out, abs engage, squeeze shoulder blades together (10 reps, or as many as you can do with good form).

8. Boat Pose with Med Ball Toss
Get in a boat pose for yoga, resting on your tailbone, chest proud, shoulders back and down, holding the med ball. Beginner could keep feet on the ground while leaning slightly back. Advanced would hold boat with legs elevated and straight (15 reps, or as many as you can with good form).

If you do the workout let us know how it went in the comments!

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