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Week 3 Circuit Workout – Only needs a resistance band!

This week’s workout only requires a resistance band! Try to shoot for at least 4 rounds of this full body workout. Depending on your level, you’ll complete 10-15 reps (on each side for unilateral movements) of each exercise.

Why circuit training? Particularly for fat-loss training in a circuit manner can be helpful because it keeps you moving and your heart rate up. Circuit training is moving through a set of exercises, one exercise to the next, with no or minimal rest between exercises then taking a 1 to 2 minute rest at the end of the completed circuit. Then you repeat for a number of rounds.

1. Biceps Curl with Resistance Band
Pick a band that is challenging! You can place it under both feet and space them apart to make if more challenging.

2. Triceps Extension with Resistance Band
Stagger feet and place band underneath the back foot. With handles clasped together in both hands behind your head, tuck in elbows close to your head and press up toward the ceiling. Be careful when you release the band from your foot so it doesn’t fly up and hit you in the behind!

3. Lateral Lunge with Balance
Finish one side before moving to the next side. Really push off that foot to pop up to the balance. Make sure your knee doesn’t go over your toes and you push your butt back.

4. Cross-body Mountain Climber
Hold a good plank position through the entire movement. Knee should touch elbow or get close.

5. Jump Lunge with Pulse
If you don’t have good balance for the jump step up and back to switch. Do at least one little pulse after each switch.

6. Flutter Kicks
Beginner would keep arms out beside the body for support, advanced is to hold shoulders off the ground while fluttering and you can do up to 60+ kicks

7. Upright Rows with Resistance Band
Pull up and back, place band under one foot or both to make it more challenging.

If you try the workout let us know how it went in the comments!

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  1. These have been great and inspiring, and nice that you can do them at home in a small space, not that they all have to be that way. Thanks for doing these!

    1. Glad you are liking the workouts! They will be all kinds because I personally don’t train at home (because I won’t get the results I want with no/limited equipment) and want to give a lot of variety. But you will definitely see more like this with little or no equipment in the future!

  2. This was great, Christy!

    I am slowly starting to workout again after a long hiatus and I love that this workout is so easy to tweak to any skill level. Plus it’s so QUICK and effective!

    I just did 3 rounds of 10 with a medium resistance band and I could really feel this working, but it was over before I knew it.

  3. Hi Christy, I am so glad you are posting these workouts! I did the one from the first week like two times already, and I absolutely loved it!
    I wanted to move on to the next one, but just realized that there are no medicine balls at the gym I am going to right now Any idea what I could use instead? Or just skip this workout?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Glad you are enjoying them! You want to do Workout 2? You can do the burpees without the medicine ball and use a bench for the other two resting on the ball. For the boat pose do V-ups or Russian Twists with a dumbbell instead. Have fun!

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