The Blissful (& Fit) Chef® is the creation of Christy Morgan. Since 2004 I’ve been a professional vegan chef, cooking instructor, educator and speaker. I became obsessed with fitness in 2013 and added “& Fit” to my brand to incorporate my new passion. I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, TRX Suspension Trainer, 200 hour Certified Yoga Teacher and SPINNING instructor. My business includes things like healthy cooking classes, lectures and cooking demos, private instruction in people’s homes, consulting and corporate team building, personalized fitness programs and personal training along with public and private yoga classes. My cookbook Blissful Bites (available on Amazon and where books are sold) came out in September 2011 and shares my philosophy of eating a whole foods vegan diet, eating with the seasons, and loving not only your body but the planet too.

I’m available for talks, cooking demos, brand ambassador work, as well as recipe development and video content creation. 

A Little History

Healthful cooking wasn’t always my passion. I got a degree in fashion design from The University of Texas in 2002 then moved to Los Angeles to work in wardrobe for movies and television. Let me tell you, it was not working out so well. “Breaking into the biz” is as hard as they make it out to be.

Thankfully, I befriended several vegans in LA, and was shown the PETA video, Meet Your Meat, by my dear friend Sue (who owns a vegan restaurant called Counter Culture in Austin). We made the decision to go vegan together. I had no idea then that teaching and cooking for others would become my true love in life. But after working for free in the crazy world of Hollywood and being totally unhappy, Sue suggested a culinary school in Austin to me that was mostly vegan called The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. I took a trip to Austin to visit the school and I fell in love with the vibe and the people. I moved back the following month.

NOTE: When I attended The Natural Epicurean it was a different school owned by different people with a solely macrobiotic curriculum. I can’t speak about the program as it is now. Please contact them directly with questions.

My Vegan Journey

I wanted to help people and have a career that was compassionate. Leaving the world of fashion behind I dove straight into culinary school, which happened to be macrobiotic and gave me an understanding of optimal health that I couldn’t experience just being vegan. So what the heck is macrobiotics? Good question. It’s one of those cool things that is hard to explain in a sentence or two. People study it their whole lives and there’s a lot of Eastern philosophy and Chinese Medicine that goes into it. It’s pretty awesome actually and I feel blessed I was able to learn that stuff. Here’s a post on what it means to me and here are some websites you can check out with more information. My favorite books on the subject are Macrobiotics For Dummies by Verne Varona and Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter.

Culinary school strengthened my knowledge of nutrition and diet, deepened my passion for food, and gave me the tools to truly help others. After graduating, I moved back to Los Angeles to follow my new dream of helping others find the balance and health benefits I was experiencing. This is where I got into raw foods. If you’ve heard of it, I’ve tried it! Every type of “vegan” diet I’ve experimented with over the last 17 years of being vegan. I’ve come to find that a balanced diet of mostly whole foods and treats is the best. I follow the 80/20 Rule and it hasn’t steered me wrong! 

I joined the online world in 2008, where I started my first blog allowing me to share my knowledge, passion and delicious recipes with countless fans around the globe. When people want to make lasting impacts on their health and lifestyle they look for The Blissful (& Fit) Chef. I hope you take a visit to my blog. I have a very busy life and business so I’m not able to post every day, but what I do post is good quality stuff! Quality over quantity right?

The Story Continues?

After taking care of my dad during a cancer scare in 2011, I moved to Austin (in July 2012) for a couple of years, then back home to Dallas. To learn more about my journey with my dad and transforming his health visit here and here (Unfortunately, I lost my father in June 2019). I was awarded “Most Inspiring Local Vegan Athlete” by the Austin vegan community in 2013, which inspired me to get my Personal Trainer Certificate. I’m happy to inspire people in health, wellness, and fitness! And now I work with hundreds of clients with personalized fitness programs as a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. I decided to take a break from my business to travel the world from 2016 to 2018. That’s when my blog became a “travel blog” and I started a group on Facebook for women who love to travel. 

In 2014 I took a stab at magazine creation and started the first women’s vegan fitness magazine. Check it out! After traveling in the fall of 2015 and getting my yoga teacher training certification in India I rediscovered my true passions: traveling and teaching. Some soul-searching led me to throw my whole being and heart into a new business venture: Blissed Out Retreats LLC. After 5 successful wellness retreats, I realized that offering affordable retreats and sharing my passions with others was the way to my bliss. Hope you can join us for an unforgettable experience! New retreat dates will be announced soon!

What Now?

After visiting Berlin in the summer of 2017 to speak at the Berlin Sommerfest, I thought it would be a nice place to immigrate after I got the travel out of my system. And that’s just what I did! In July 2018 I officially made Berlin my home and lived there for one and a half years.

If you need help transitioning to a vegan diet I’ve created an easy to follow 28-day online course called Ultimate Vegan Kitchen Makeover. It will give you all the tools you need to live a healthy and vibrant life! Or I offer one-on-one coaching for those that need more hand-holding. After five years of online fitness coaching I can say I have hundreds of happy clients! Click here to see how I can help you reach your health & fitness goals too!

I contribute wellness tips and healthy recipes for various websites like Forks Over KnivesOne Green Planet,  Elephant Journal, Happy Cow, and Christina Cooks. My blog includes delicious cooking videos and recipes, ways in which you can make easy changes in your diet and lifestyle, nutritional information for those flirting with plant-based diets, and anything to do with living an eco-friendly life. It’s packed with years of resources and tips from my 19 years of being vegan. I also keep travel logs and blog updates of all the places I travel. I’ve been to 51 countries and counting.

Now my new journey begins in central Portugal, where I offer my services and dream of opening a wellness center.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure to happier, healthier lives!