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Travel log: I said goodbye to Bali and hello to Ko Phangan

Hey folks! Thought I would give you a quick recap of my time in Bali and update you on my new adventures. If you are following me on Instagram or other social media you know that I decided to head to Thailand after a month in Bali. My visa was about to expire, which I could have extended but thought why not explore new lands. I heard Ko Phangan was a vegan heaven and I haven’t been there before so why not?!


I spent my first 17 days in Canggu at Pelan Pelan, an adorable surf and yoga resort that offers an amazing deal on a week long package that includes, you guessed it, surfing and yoga classes. You can read all about the good times you’ll have there over on the blog I wrote for HappyCow. I volunteered to teach yoga classes and had a blast with the guests staying there. Canggu won me over with it’s relaxed beach vibe, amazing vegan food, and friendly people, both locals and expats visiting or living there. Want to know my favorite places to eat in Canggu? Take a look at this blog I wrote for my top meals.


Probably my favorite meals in all of Bali were found in Canggu. After my time at Pelan Pelan, I headed to Ubud to lead the first Blissed Out Retreats of the year. We had such an incredible time! The retreat went better than I could have ever imagined. Everyone got along really well, each person had beautiful transformations, we ate delicious food at Alam Sari who hosted me again, made gorgeous silver jewerly, had so much fun at a Balinese cooking class, danced, stretched, and relaxed by the pool. Here’s a little recap video!

YouTube Preview Image

After saying goodbye to my new friends, I headed to Uluwatu in the southern part of Bali to explore the island a bit more. This part of Bali is known for it’s white sand beaches unlike the black sand found in Canggu. It was very hot, the internet wasn’t working so well, and everything was overpriced compared to other parts of Bali. But I had fun because Leigh-Chantelle of Viva la Vegan joined me. She lent me a book and I finally relaxed for the first time in over 3 weeks! We stayed at Bingin Family Bungalows, which was frankly the nicest, least expensive place in the area. Luckily there is two nice places for vegan options within walking distance (Temple Lodge & Cashew Tree), and another local warung (Hebo) with amazing cheap vegan food a short bike ride away.


I took a selfie to document my relaxing by the pool with a book, and how awesome the pool made my hair. You can see the pool and the book in my glasses. I cut off my hair y’all! It was so hot when I got to Bali I couldn’t be bothered with it. It gets thrown back in a ponytail every day so it doesn’t matter what it looks like. I may regret it when I get settled back home. Then LC showed me how to tether my phone to my computer and use it as a wifi hotspot *mind blown* and I was able to get some work done.


My flight was at 6am so I stayed at a hotel near the airport (Green Villa) and found two amazing vegan spots to eat lunch and dinner at before heading to Thailand (De Rasa Vegetarian and Zula). Bali has so much amazing food! Pro tip: Download the Gojek app while in Bali to get food delivered from anywhere and cheap motorbike taxi rides. It’s the best way to explore the island and faster way to get to your destination!


I had a full day of travel to get to the island of Ko Phangan. There is a number of vegetarian/vegan cafes, many places to do yoga, and I’m staying at a beautiful new hotel called Akuna, which has the best internet ever and super clean air con bungalows! I totally recommend it if you prefer to have something a bit nicer and are okay not being right on the beach. I’ll be here for another week before I head to Bangkok to visit my friend Brighde. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss home and my normal routine a bit. I’ve been totally slacking on exercising and miss home-cooked food and my green smoothies. It’s so freaking hot here, but I have a scooter and will explore the island in the early morning and evenings when it’s cooler.

If you’ve been to Ko Phangan before let me know in the comments what I should check out!

Disclaimer: You’ll find some affiliate links in my travel posts though I only link to places I’ve actually stayed. I appreciate you booking through the links on my site so that I may continue giving you free content and sharing my travel adventures with you! Thanks for your support!

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Travel log: Why come to Bali for 6 weeks?

I bet a lot of people wonder why I travel so much. They might not understand the wanderlust I feel when I’m back on US soil. If you took a glimpse into my life you’ll see no attachments, no mortgage, no husband, no children. I tried last year to “settle down”, plant some roots, start a new life in a new city, but it just didn’t sit right with me. When I thought long and hard about it, my gut was yelling at me to continue traveling.

I was trying to fit myself into a box of what I thought I should be doing and damn was that feeling strong! You are sort of brainwashed into thinking from childhood that everyone is meant to get married, have some kids, work your ass off at a job you may not care for, and have the home with a white picket fence. This has never been my style. It’s just not how I roll!

Canggu Bali Sunset

Then it dawned on me. I don’t have to settle down. I’m in charge of my life and destiny. I create my life. And that is when the wheels starting turning in my head. How can I manage to travel most the year while earning money and helping others? That’s when Blissed Out Retreats was born. And it came together very quickly. I thought the Universe was conspiring with me to make this dream of travel a reality.

My two passions in this life are helping others and exploring the world.

Remember when I started setting a mantra for the year instead of resolutions? This year’s mantra is to EXPERIENCE. My goal for this year is to be out of the country as much as possible. Experiences will be had. I’m starting the year in Bali for about 6 weeks. My first blissed out retreat is here, so I decided to come early to explore more of the island (which I did not get to do the last time I was here). But I am not made of money, and this will not be a luxury vacation. I’ve graduated from backpacker to flashpacker because I require some level of comfort when I travel, but being frugal is my middle name. My goals are still to meet new people, eat delicious vegan food, have comfortable but not 5* accommodations, experience all kinds of new things and not break the bank.

In my quest for affordable travel, good vibes, and new experiences I landed upon Pelan Pelan. As it lucked out they were happy to have me come teach yoga classes! I made a little video to show you my first day here at this incredible piece of Bali. Located in Canggu, near the beach and set away from the noise of neighboring Kuta and Seminyak, I have fallen in love with Pelan Pelan.

YouTube Preview Image

So the plan is to be here until I head to Ubud for my yoga and Nia retreat with Allison on April 2nd. I’m going to learn how to surf!! I’m going to ride a scooter for the first time since I had one in Los Angeles that I crashed in the first week (edit: I actually did this last night and didn’t die!). I will also vlog more on Periscope and YouTube so you can follow along during my travels. You’ll find more photos over on Instagram, but beware it’s mostly food and you might wish you were here.

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Travel log: Vegan food in Sayulita, Mexico


It’s been over 5 months since my retreat in Sayulita where we survived the worst hurricane to hit Mexico (it didn’t hit our area thankfully!). I was going through my phone and realized I wrote a piece about the vegan food I found there and didn’t even post it here on the blog! Now I realize that I didn’t write a blog about the retreat at all. Shame on me.

IMG_2171The retreat was amazing, besides the hurricane scare. We stayed at Hotelito Los Suenos whose staff took great care of us and provided delicious breakfast and dinner each day. I worked with the 2 chefs on the menu to make sure all our bases were covered and we had variety. Pictured right is my favorite raw tacos! On the day the hurricane raced toward the coast, they prepared for the worse, made us a beautiful dinner and even made us margaritas since we were staying in and couldn’t use the yoga shala or the pool. We ended up playing games and having a ball!

We ate many of our meals at our hotel, but ventured out for lunches in town. Keep in mind when you are traveling in another country you do your best to ask the right questions and hope to get truthful answers. Normally when I travel I seek out purely vegetarian restaurants but in a small place like Sayulita that isn’t going to happen. So you do your best to ask if the beans are vegetarian with no lard and that the rice is cooked with agua not chicken stock. These are the places I discovered in 4 days that have decent vegan options.

On our first night before the retreat started we stumbled upon Carmelita in the main square. They had veggie fajitas for a measly 50 pesos and that included guacamole! It was the cheapest, most filling meal in town. I’m guessing you can have veggie fajitas made for you anywhere so that is a nice fall back when it comes to Mexican food. 2 for 1 margaritas aren’t bad either.



This was my spot every morning to get a soy latte and have a nice chat with the expats who call Sayulita home. They open at 6am and have both soy and almond milk. I was still jet lagged from my trip to India and waking up at 4 every morning so I was so thankful they opened early. I had to walk there in the dark but didn’t care! Their coffee was just alright, but beggars can’t be choosy right. They do have a few menu items that are vegan as well. A basic veggie bowl with mixed veggies, rice, with tostadas and ranchero sauce (or teriyaki) pictured to the left with an iced soy latte. You can get rice and beans topped with avocado and ranchero sauce, just hold the cheese. Nothing too exciting or gourmet, but it does the trick.

I had the best meal of my stay here. Veggie skewers perfectly grilled with rice and beans will set you back 125 pesos. They have a mango salsa that is to live for! Why I don’t have a photo of this amazing meal I’m not sure. This is off the beaten path a 5 minute walk from the main square and it’s totally worth it (just happened to be right near our hotel so I went twice!). Also damn good margaritas.

IMG_2195River Cafe
This was the only place I found that has the actual vegan symbol on their menu, but it’s a bit pricier. The coconut quinoa dish was good, but tiny, and they didn’t have vegetarian beans to add so I was missing a protein boost. However, it was nice to have something that wasn’t Mexican food for a change. This was the most creative meal we had. Pina Coladas were 2 for 1 and were magnificent.

Are you seeing a pattern here? There are drink specials everywhere and are used to entice you to come eat there. I rarely drink, but when it Mexico it’s hard to resist! Sayulita is a very cute town, home to many expats, with colorful buildings and less tourists than Puerto Vallarta.

It’s also the home to Campamento Tortuguero, a volunteer project that relocates the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle nests the mothers lay all over the beaches into a safe protected home that prevents them from losing their lives to poaching. Once they are hatched they are released back into the oceans. We got to participate in that and it was glorious! They are as cute as you can imagine.

I definitely recommend checking out Sayulita next time you are in the area or make a go for a longer stay if you want a more peaceful environment!

Disclaimer: You’ll find some affiliate links in my travel posts though I only link to places I’ve actually stayed. I appreciate you booking through the links on my site so that I may continue giving you free content and sharing my travel adventures! It costs nothing extra for you & I make a tiny bit to keep running this blog. Thanks for your support!

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New travel blog and retreat update!

Hello friends! If you read my last post I was feeling pretty in the dumps last week. This week is totally different. Maybe it was hormonal? I don’t really know but I’m moving on and getting excited about my future travels.

You probably know I started a new travel business offering unique, affordable getaways in beautiful locations with special guest teachers. I also started blogging over at my new website, and I forgot how much I LOVE writing! Blogging has fallen to the waist side over the last few years, but when I’m passionate about something the words just flow.

Check out what’s going on over on my new blog here.


Many put travel to the side because they are slammed with work, kids, projects, family, community, never realizing how important it is to take time for themselves. I truly believe that happiness develops from self-care, stopping to smell the roses, and giving yourself time away from your busy life. You deserve it! And you’ll be able to serve your family, community, and projects more effectively when you devote some time to recharge.


Going on an organized retreat let’s you do just that. You don’t have to stress about where you are going to stay or how you are going to get your next healthy meal. No long hours are spent researching. You get to just show up and do the relaxing and recharging you need. And have fun! Maybe even make some lifetime friends.

Join me and Allison of Allison’s Gourmet in Bali this April. Save $200 if you put down your deposit by tomorrow. It’s now or never! I won’t have a retreat in Bali again (at least not for many many years!) so if you’ve always wanted to go to this magical place now is the time. I’ve done all the leg work and planning, all you have to do is make it happen on your end.

Trust that you deserve this. Say YES to YOU!

More details and to sign up: visit Blissed Out Retreats.

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Is it Mercury Retrograde or a deeper problem?

Trigger Warning: Body image

This week I felt amazing. My energy has been through the roof and my workouts strong. I tackled my massive to-do list like nobody’s business. I was able to stick my handstand for the longest yet. I experienced a new thing: Muay Thai kickboxing and ate at a ramen place that has the most delicious vegan ramen bowl ever. I was asked to come audition for a yoga teacher job at the gym. I had a cooking session with a 19 year old whose favorite food is pizza and got him to cook, eat, and love vegetables for the first time ever. I had a fun girl date and connected more deeply with a new friend.

Life is good.

So why am I feeling so much body hate? It’s not that time of the month. I went shopping and found myself gravitating toward clothing that hid my body like I used to do some 4 years ago before I got into fitness and bodybuilding. I looked at some old YouTube videos and couldn’t believe how incredibly fit I was just 2 years ago. A friend said to use that as inspiration but it just made me sad.

I wasn’t sure if I should post this blog and share my deepest thoughts with you. I don’t want to seem weak or like I don’t have my shit together. Then in yoga class today the teacher talked about how insignificant we feel a lot of the time, but we don’t realize the difference we make in people’s lives. I realized that I don’t have to be perfect to help people and make a difference. I’m human, with fears, and negative thoughts sometimes (though not often!!). So here I am opening up. They say it’s good to talk about things to release them.


No matter what I do or eat my weight has stabilized at a pleasant, healthy place for at least a year now. Maybe this happens to most women in their late 30s? I have no feelings, either good or bad, toward what the scale says. I want to be able to perform, feel energetic and strong, not weigh a certain amount. Yet still when I look in the mirror I only focus on the parts I dislike.

One of the great things about last year is I stopped counting calories or exercising obsessively to reach a certain physique. So why is this body hate sneaking back into my head? I blame it on Mercury Retrograde. I blame it on all the bullshit “New Year, New You” propaganda all over the internet. I blame it on society, Hollywood and media for constantly telling me I’m not good enough, that I need to lose those last 5 pounds and have no wrinkles on my face. I blame it on all the social media stars that are 10+ years younger than me that I can’t compete with even if I tried. But it’s not about competition. I just want to feel happy in my own skin.

I’ve helped hundreds of women get strong, reach their health and fitness goals, and find love for their body. So why is it so difficult to practice what I preach? How do I build self-love for my body without changing it?


The time when I was most fit, I was not happy in mind and spirit. I’m grateful for the journey because it opened me up to fitness and moving my body in cool ways. It blossomed a new facet of my career that allows me to help people even more deeply beyond what’s on their plate. But I don’t want to go through what I did before to look a certain way. I’m not willing to do the things that made me obsessive about food, had me choosing workouts over friends, preventing me from enjoying life more fully.

When I look back and compare what I look like now with the most fit I was (first photo above April 2014, second photo November 2015) there isn’t much difference. I can see more muscularity, leanness, etc but was it worth the suffering to only look a little better? With all that I know now can I find balance in my quest for good health without focusing on my outward appearance? What is it in me that wants to keep striving to be better and is that even necessary for my well-being?

These are the questions I’m asking myself this week. So I ask you can you be happy in your own skin and make choices that help your overall well-being without the intention to change your outward appearance? We know that what’s on the inside is what counts. There is no way to know how the inside is doing just by looking at the outside shell.

I wish I had some sort of magical glasses that allowed me to see on the outside how awesome I feel on the inside.

Because life is good. No matter what I look like on the outside.

(the beautiful photo of me in purple is by Melissa Schwartz and is part of an AMAZING project featuring vegan athletes and badass. Check it out here!)

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8 ways I rocked 2015 and faced my fears

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions but I felt a strong urge to set a mantra in 2015.


I dedicated this year to taking risks, facing the things I feared most, while marking some things off a very long bucket list. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been getting very personal on their blogs lately. Maybe some would say it’s “over-sharing”, but it seems that readers really like it. If you’ve read this blog for long you know I have no problem getting personal. I’m pretty transparent, not only about my views and opinions, but with my life. This year was a series of ups and downs. It’s ending off with a bang; I’m following my passion of traveling and teaching with a new travel business: Blissed Out Retreats. I even made it an LLC and feel so official. This year was full of profound introspection and getting deep into what I really want to do with the later part of my life. I guess your mid-30s does that to you haha.

Below are some of the highlights of the year of NO FEAR. I highly recommend this way of living. It can be a scary world out there, but living in fear is not a way to live. It can hold you back from doing all the amazing things you were meant to do. If you feel a connection with anything of these things tell me about it in the comments!


1. I went to India
On my long list of places I’d like to visit, India is very near the bottom. I wanted to go before I die but the negative things I’ve heard scared me off. The extreme poverty, dirtiness, etc reminded me of what I didn’t like about Cambodia. But a few friends loved visiting India so it couldn’t be so bad.

When I started researching yoga teacher trainings, India came up many times. It turns out it was cheaper for me to fly to India and do the training then anywhere else in the world. With it being the birthplace of yoga and all that I thought why not. I had to get over the fear of being uncomfortable and dealing with a culture vastly different than my own.


2. I became a yoga teacher
You can read about my training here and I’ll soon share the struggle that lead me to it but the gist of it is I had limiting beliefs that prevented me from becoming a yoga teacher. Even though I’m a natural educator and it’s my passion and mission to teach others I felt like I couldn’t be a yoga teacher because I can’t do the splits or other various difficult poses you see on Instagram yoga porn. I’ve practiced all kinds of yoga for over 17 years (though not regularly until this year!). Taking a lot of different classes with many types of teachers I realized that I don’t have to be perfect at every pose to be a teacher of yoga. Sharing my journey will help others who are also not the perfect yogi.


3. I moved back home (that’s my childhood home behind me!)
My lease was up at the end of March in Austin. Rather than sign another lease I decided to move to Portland. But I needed time to save up money. On top of that I knew I’d be traveling so it didn’t make sense to move to Portland then pay rent for an empty room (or sign another lease in Austin). My dad welcomed me back and then I realized how he fell off the healthy eating path I set him on some 3 years ago. Moving back home gave me a chance to try one more time to help him make sustainable changes. So I sold most my things and moved back home. Living at home at 36 is not glamorous. But it’s allowing me to get out of debt, and devote time to that new businessSide note: Dad is doing pretty good! He’s eating better and exercising daily.


4. I got my first tattoo
The pain is what I feared the most about getting a tattoo. Second, I didn’t know what I wanted to put on my body forever. It’s a big decision! After many months of brainstorming I came up with a design I knew I could live with: a lotus flower. I love how they bloom out of murky waters to shine brilliantly. The word “ahimsa” kept lurking in my mind; it meant so much to me. My life is dedicated to doing no harm to myself and all living creatures. And it’s the first Yama of yoga so often ignored. So my tattoo was born! And it was painful as hell! It’s located on my right side going up from my hip to my mid-ribs. My artist, Rianne at Golden Goat Tattoo, was amazing and quick. The whole process took about 25 minutes. I’m very happy with it.

5. I took a chance on love
It didn’t work out but at least I tried.


6. I didn’t count calories
This year I switched from bodybuilding and CrossFit (and most intense activity) to yoga and cycling to help my ankle continue to recover. After doing a month long yoga challenge my ankle finally stopped causing me pain. I got centered with myself for the first time in years since I started bodybuilding. The obsessive nature I picked up fell away and I stopped counting calories. I stopped exercising obsessively. I started eating whatever I wanted (which is still pretty healthy imo) and didn’t count my macros. Intuitive eating became the name of the game again. And I don’t feel guilty about my food choices. It’s a wonderful place to be! I’m not as lean or muscular. I’m not going to lie, I sometimes miss that physique, but I can honestly say I haven’t felt this happy about my being in many years. As I inch closer to 40, and finally start seeing the signs of aging, this is a good place to be.

floating in pool

7. I decide to move to Portland…then changed my mind to travel the world
This was a decision made in 2015 but when I decided to travel to India I pushed the move to spring 2016. When I decided I was done with Austin I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d want to live besides Portland. It’s my favorite vegan city in the country! Also my best friend lives there so it made sense. Then I got back from India and felt lost and disconnected. I pondered what my life would be like all settled down in Portland and it just didn’t feel right. I started looking at sites like Workaway and planning my next retreat. Why did I need to settle down? It just doesn’t suit me to have a traditional lifestyle! So I started Blissed Out Retreats. The whole thing came together very quickly so I knew I was on the right path. The plan is to be mostly out of the country in 2016, volunteering and teaching yoga all over the world. Details have been posted about our first retreat in April in bali and more info on retreats coming soon! Be sure to bookmark my new website.

8. I continued to not give two f*cks about what people think about me
I very much enjoy when people like me as a person, enjoy my classes, get benefits from my programs, want to spend time with me, etc. but when someone doesn’t like me I don’t take it personal or get all bent out of shape. I started not giving a f*ck a few years ago but have continued to put it into practice this year. This isn’t about lack of empathy, rather acknowledging that you can’t please everyone. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Not caring what others think of you allows you to live more authentically, “live your truth”, and not be in constant fear of your actions and voice. It can save you stress, heartache, energy and brain space. Living this way has allowed me to strengthen important relationships and have more to give to important causes.

What ways did you rock 2015? Share your accomplishments in the comments below! Go ahead and brag! 

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Travel log: Himalaya mountains and Trimurti Yoga Teacher Training

I know this post is long overdue! If you read my last travel log on Delhi we now continue through India to Dharamshala in the Himalayan mountains. As I left Delhi I had pretty much written off India. I was almost late for my flight because I was told domestic flights were at one Terminal when in fact Air India was in the International terminal. Delhi has a new subway line that goes straight to that terminal. To get to the domestic terminal you have to get off a stop earlier and take a bus (which you have to pay for). I did that and when I arrived at that terminal learned it wasn’t correct, so I had to take another bus to go to the correct terminal. I was doing all of this with my huge backpack so it wasn’t a fun time. Thankfully my flight was delayed so I didn’t miss it.


I boarded the tiny plane to head to the mountains. I had no idea what to expect from the area, just knew it would be cooler and I would be in the sanctuary of my own room with vegan meals provided for me. I knew I was in for an intense 4 weeks schedule with 5 1/2 days a week of lectures and learning and 2 yoga classes a day with Trimurti Yoga. I would spend the next month immersed in yoga and with over 25 strangers who were also passionate about yoga. This experience was the true essence of my mantra of NO FEAR. You definitely need that attitude to subject yourself to a month long teacher training in India.


From the moment I arrived and viewed the beautiful landscape my fears were calmed. A few travelers that arrived at the same time jumped into a cab with me and off we went to Trimurti. Everyone was nice and from all over the world. I checked into my room and unpacked my things. The next day we would have our official first meeting so I got to relax and take it all in. My room was modest but large, at the top of a hill up the way from Trimurti Garden where our yoga training was taking place. Everyone received private rooms, because it’s important to have a place to retreat after a long day of training and lectures. If you ever do an immersion program like this make sure you have your own room! I also highly recommend having your own bathroom. I’m so glad I paid a little extra for this as the shared bathroom situation was not my cup of tea.


The teachers were all very kind and unique. Everyone brought something special to the training. I’ve been practicing a long time but I still learned new things! Cher showed me a new way to clasp my hands in headstand that completely revolutionized it! Dougie taught me about discipline and how to communicate effectively. Aliya taught me how to give in to releasing through yin yoga. Karo taught me how to practice from the heart but to know my shit (anatomy, alignment, chakras, five elements, it’s all connected!). Baskar taught me the true meaning of yoga. Arya taught me to be serious in what I do and have respect for others. And the other students taught me so much as well! It was a beautiful experience to connect to so many people. Though I mostly kept to myself I made quite a few deep connections. The other students also helped encourage me to try new things and push myself further. I had never tried the pose below before, and now I can touch my foot to my head!


The reasons why I chose Trimurti Yoga?
Price – after comparing yoga teaching trainings all over the world it was cheaper to go all the way to India to complete it.
Teachers – Trimurti is a mix of teachers from the East and West, giving a more diverse view of yoga and it’s principles. We learned very traditional yoga philosophy, a great deal of western anatomy, and everything in-between.
Location – It’s India! The birthplace of yoga. Another place to mark off my travel bucketlist.
Immersion – I loved the idea of immersing myself in a month long program. I could have done a teacher training at home that is set over many months but I wanted to drown myself in a program. I love learning and education, so even though the schedule was intense, I thrived.
Multi-style – It was a big deciding factor to choose a school that taught different styles of yoga since I don’t want to specialize in one style. We learned Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha (Sivananda style as well), and a little bit of Yin. I feel prepared to teach those styles or create my own!
Hands-on Experience – Part of the program was about the art of teaching, how to teach, how to adjust and modify asanas, and we got to actually teach each other. This was so important!


If you are looking for a yoga teacher training I can’t recommend Trimurti Yoga enough! I have no idea what the Goa location is like, but I loved Dharamshala. It’s a total hippie town with plenty of yummy vegan options and actual vegan cafes. The sweet lady that made our meals made vegan cakes that even the non-vegans devoured. I felt taken care of but was also allowed to do my own thing.

If you have any questions at all please let me know in the comments! 

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Commit To Get Fit 2016 Specials!


Now that I’m settled back in the States I’m ready to start taking clients again!

The new year is a time for setting goals, making resolutions, and hopefully committing to improving your life. We reflect on the previous year, see how we rocked it, and decide what we missed out on or what needs a facelift for the next year. I’ve decided to offer some pretty badass specials and new services to help you reach your health and fitness goals for 2016.



Sign up for the 28-day Wellness Reboot Online program and get a personalized fitness program designed for you for only $125 more! This will include 2 phone/skype check-ins over the course of the 28 day program (a savings of over $100!!!).

** For new customers only that have not previously done the reboot. Fitness program only valid within 5 weeks of signing up. Your Wellness Reboot starts the Sunday after you register online and your fitness program will be delivered before the following weekend.

DFW Only

Private yoga class
1 hour class $50
Add a friend for $25

In-home personal training
1 hour session $50
Add a friend $25

Call or email today to set up your session! 

Live 28-day Wellness Reboot (DFW only) – $325 per person
(a savings of $750!!! Food costs not included)

Looking for 2 couples or 4 friends who want to do the 28 day wellness reboot challenge together. Each week one person will host a live cooking session with Christy and the group to prepare your meals for the week.

One group cooking session costs $375 so you are getting four for the price of one!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about these services! I can’t wait to help you reach your goals and new year’s resolutions!

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Vegan Bacon & Brussels Pizza – Untraditional Thanksgiving Meal

I know I owe you a blog about my yoga teacher training with Trimutri. But first I wanted to share this awesome pizza my friend Nanette and I made on the fly! You can watch the video here.


Since I was making this up as I went the ingredients are totally estimates. You’ll need a store-bought pizza crust or make your own about 10-12 inches in diameter. Feel free to adjust the spices as you like.

Vegan Bacon & Brussels Pizza
Makes 2-3 servings

2 cups Brussel sprouts
1/2 cup red onion, thinly sliced
Dash olive oil
Sprinkle red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon each thyme and nutritional yeast
Dash each red pepper flakes, black pepper, and sea salt
Upton’s bacon, half the package, cut in pieces
Pizza crust

Toss everything but the bacon and pizza crust together in a small casserole dish until well coated. Place in a preheated oven (400F) and bake for 10 minutes. Remove from oven and toss with bacon. Cook another 10 minutes. While this is happening make your tofu cheese.

Tofu Cheese
One block extra firm tofu, crumbled
1/5 cup nutritional yeast
2 tablespoons white or yellow miso
1 tablespoon each tamari and red wine vinegar

Mix everything together until well combined. Roll out your pizza dough and pre-cook for 5-8 minutes as needed. Layer tofu cheese across the entire pizza dough. Layer the Brussels mix on top of that. Bake for another 10-12 minutes depending on how crispy you like your pizza crust. Remove from oven and cut into 8 pieces. Enjoy!

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Travel log: Delhi and Taj Mahal

Marking things off the bucket list!

I got back from India last Friday. I’m officially a certified yoga instructor!! There’s so much I want to share with you but honestly I’m jet lagged and feeling pretty meh. I recall last year when I got back from Australia/Indonesia it took me 2 weeks to adjust back to normal. But nobody’s got time for that as I leave tomorrow for Mexico to lead the 2nd annual blissed out yoga retreat. Crazy times! I promise to tell you all about the yoga teacher training in due time :)

The last 6 weeks was a whirlwind. It went by so fast. The yoga teacher training at Trimurti was an intense 4 weeks. But before I headed to the beautiful mountains of Dharamsala I made a pitstop in Delhi to do a photoshoot and take a day trip to see the Taj Mahal. How could I go to India and not?


Delhi was my first foray into Indian culture and food. I don’t recommend spending much time there because it’s hot, dirty, trashy, smoggy, and depending on where you stay you’ll be constantly harassed by taxi drivers and shop owners (I recommend Green Park area for a different experience!). There is however some amazing food to be had! I started by having a big fat dosa from a vegetarian fast food place called Haldiram. You order at the counter, and have a large number of choices from both North and South Indian cuisine. My lunch was a meniscal 150 rupees, which is like $2.50. Total score.

Keep in mind that most of India will not quite understand what vegan means. They LOVE their dairy. The phrase “pure veg” means vegetarian without eggs, while in some other countries it means no dairy or eggs. So it was difficult to explain and for that reason I only went to pure vegetarian restaurants to keep contamination to a minimum. No coffeeshops, except Starbucks, had soy milk, and I had to go to three markets to find a carton to take around with me.


My first hotel was not so nice. The photos lie people! Since it was inexpensive compared to what you would pay for a hotel in the US, I opted to move to a nicer place called Bloomrooms. The area is right by the New Delhi Railway Station, which takes you to Agra where the Taj is, but beware that it is the busiest part of town. Bloomrooms was a sanctuary from the loud, smelly streets and it was the best decision to spend a little extra for my room here. I got a single room that was just like the photos, air con, free wifi, free filtered drinking water, and a nice big bathroom for about $30 a night.


My next meal was an Indian thali from Navdanya Organic Cafe, a wonderful organization trying to keep organic farming alive in India. It’s located inside Dilli Haat market (Rs 20 admission required), which has handicrafts from all over India and is a great place to do all your gift shopping. The cafe is outdoors and is also a shop where you can buy organic grains and more.


They happily switched out the non-vegan parts for me. This was probably the best meal I had in India all for around 4 bucks. I also bought some vegan cookies made of soy flour from the store.



The next day I set up a photoshoot to document my new yoga journey amongst some of the coolest monuments of Delhi. We started bright and early, but it was still hot and humid. Thankfully the photos don’t show the dripping sweat all over my body. I haven’t got the final photos back yet but will share some when I do! Above is just a sample taken at Humayun’s Tomb with my lovely iPhone.


The next day I took a train to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal! I arrived pretty early and it wasn’t too crowded. But of course it was sweltering hot! I was so uncomfortable that it was hard to enjoy my time in Agra. I hired a tuk tuk driver (these are all over Asia, it’s basically a motorcycle with a enclosed bench on the back) for the day for a cheap 800 rupees and he took me to a number of sites. My return train wasn’t until past 9pm and we were done by 5pm so I sat in the train station for 4 hours reading and playing solitaire on my phone. It was super annoying. If you are going to do a day trip to Agra take the earlier train back to Delhi!


These sweet gals wanted to take a photo with me. I had strangers coming up to me all the time wanting to take my photo. But if you are blonde you will be harassed even more since they aren’t used to seeing anyone with light colored hair.

After a few more tasty meals around town I headed for the mountains. It was a turbulent situation getting to the airport and I had written off India completely. It wasn’t until I came upon the rice fields of Dharamsala that my mind was put at ease. Stay tuned for my next blog about yoga teacher training and finding vegan cakes and tofu of all things!!

Disclaimer: You’ll find some affiliate links in my travel posts though I only link to places I’ve actually stayed. I appreciate you booking through the links on my site so that I may continue giving you free content and sharing my travel adventures! It costs nothing extra for you & I make a tiny bit to keep running this blog. Thanks for your support!

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