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Top things to do in London when the weather is crap

Why I chose to go to London in the longest winter they’ve had in years I do not know. I showed up in March in a snowstorm and there was another one a couple of weeks later. Even when the weather is shit you want to have a life and get out to explore. It can be rather uncomfortable so I made a list of things to do if you happen to visit London during horrible weather or you plan to stay there anytime between October and March.… Read more
Posted on 05/18/2018 | 1 Comment

Cyprus, my latest digital nomad find with amazing vegan food

I’ve been traveling for the last 2 years (since March 2016!!) and have found more places I didn’t care for than winners. When I came to Cyprus I wasn’t expecting much and kept my expectations low. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed right? I needed a place to work on a big project that required no distractions and needed to get out of the Schengen. That is what I got in Cyprus but I was won over in the short amount of time by the weather, peaceful vibes, and amazing vegan food.… Read more
Posted on 04/24/2018 | 4 Comments

Madrid surprisingly won me over!

I know I’m really behind on my travel blogs! My goal is to get caught up over the next few weeks while cat-sitting in London. And yes that London post is going to be epic. Last time I was in London I didn’t eat any good food and this trip I’ve been eating all the delicious options! So let’s cruise back to February 3rd when I moved from the US with a big suitcase and no plan. Like I officially moved (don’t have plans to go back) but I’m still traveling the world.… Read more
Posted on 03/22/2018 | 2 Comments

The most vegan-friendly place in Peru

Now we jump back in time to the beginning of my trip in Peru. After spending a wonderful few days in Lima I flew to Cusco to relax a bit before my yoga retreat started. When I arrived I felt pretty dizzy and had a headache, but walked down to Green Point to have some food. It was a really good menu of the day with a salad bar, juice, soup, main dish and dessert for about $4. Later after eating there again and having a tummy ache, I would read and talk to locals that their food is known for leaving people feeling not so well, so I opted to try other places after that.… Read more
Posted on 12/27/2017 | Leave a Comment

Lima is not like South American at all

I’m going to jump around a bit here. I owe you a blog about London and Berlin from my summer trip, but I want to get Lima on the blog while it’s fresh in my mind. When I started my three months in South America in Lima this month I didn’t know what to expect. My only experience with this continent was in Medellin. So when I spent three days in Lima I wasn’t expecting it to feel like a gloomy Los Angeles.… Read more
Posted on 10/11/2017 | 5 Comments

Of Montreal: A recap of my 8 days in Quebec’s Metropolis

I know I’m a little behind on my blog. It seems that a blog once a month is all I can crank out while galavanting around the world. My apologies! We continue with my wonderful 8 days in Montreal in May. My research led me to believe that Montreal is a vegan-friendly city, but couldn’t be anything compared to my love affair with Toronto. Some gems were found, but overall it was the vibe and layout of the city I liked best.… Read more
Posted on 08/16/2017 | 6 Comments