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Camden in London is bursting with vegan options

When I was in London in the spring I had this crazy idea to get together a bunch of vegans to do a vegan food tour of Camden. Two people happily volunteered for a lunch date but it wasn’t enough people, time, or stomachs to try all the options. There’s just too many!! We decided to narrow it down to the vegan places only but still there were too many. So we started in KERB market, which is it’s own contained area with food stalls and many tables.… Read more
Posted on 06/22/2018 | 5 Comments

Experience Mantra 2016: Silver jewelry making in Bali

In 2015 I decided to start setting mantras instead of resolutions for the new year. Usually by February those resolutions are nowhere to be found. It suited me better to come up with “a statement or slogan repeated frequently” throughout the year that would lead my choices and experiences. 2015 was the year of No Fear where I purposely set out to tackle things that scared the sh*t out of me. When I dug deep to find the mantra for 2016, New Experiences came to me.… Read more
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Retreat Details and Week 14 Circuit Workout

I’m super excited to announce the details for my next yoga, fitness, wellness retreat! Last year’s retreat in Bali was a huge success so I’ve decided to offer a retreat every fall partnered with some of the best fitness/yoga/wellness professionals I know! This time I’ve kept it closer to home and shorter to allow more people to attend. Many people expressed last year they couldn’t travel too far and many couldn’t take a whole week off from work and family. So here you go!… Read more
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Week 12 Circuit Workout – Just need a pair of dumbbells!

Oops, I’m a day late on your weekly workout! A lot has happened this week! The newest issue of Definition Fitness Magazine launched! This issue is very exciting and features some of the most inspiring vegans I have ever met! More details can be found here. I hope you will subscribe or pick up this issue! Now onto our workout today! I run you through one round of this circuit interval training workout. You just need one set of dumbbells (probably bigger than the ones I used depending on your strength).… Read more
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Week 11 Circuit Workout – Sexy Arms

Alright friends! I’m dog sitting and was able to record a few workout videos. Yay! This one is to help you develop definition in your arms and shed that stubborn “wing” fat. For awhile, Michelle Obama’s arms were an icon across social media. She got those arms lifting weights. Not spending hours on the treadmill. If you want shapely arms you have to build muscle to create the shape. A permanent cure for the “wings” is to lift weights. That’s just the way it is folks.… Read more
Posted on 05/01/2015 | 6 Comments

New location, new challenges

Hello friends! Sorry I was not able to post a workout last week. As I mentioned in the previous video I moved from Austin back home with my dad to save money for my move to Portland and get his health back on track. Those of you that followed our journey 3 years ago know I moved back home before when my dad had a pre-cancer scare. I got him in the best shape of his life and the doctors didn’t need to see him but once a year.… Read more
Posted on 04/06/2015 | 2 Comments