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Camden in London is bursting with vegan options

When I was in London in the spring I had this crazy idea to get together a bunch of vegans to do a vegan food tour of Camden. Two people happily volunteered for a lunch date but it wasn’t enough people, time, or stomachs to try all the options. There’s just too many!!

We decided to narrow it down to the vegan places only but still there were too many. So we started in KERB market, which is it’s own contained area with food stalls and many tables. Here you’ll find Club Mexicana and a really good Indian food stall. There’s at least another five vegan options at the non-vegan stalls.

Definitely try this food stall! The Indian food place had a pumpkin coconut curry and a cauliflower tiki masala. Both were amazing and didn’t have a greasy feel like most Indian food.

At Club Mexicana we got the pulled jackfruit burrito because I had already had their tacos and quesadilla at Spread Eagle the previous month (definitely go there if you want more options from Club Mexicana!). The burrito had avocado, bbq jackfruit, rice, and picked cabbage. It kind of sounds like a weird combo but it went together so well. Everyone at the table gave it 5 stars!

Next door to KERB was Young Vegans who sell the most delicious pies. Not like the pies we are used to in the United States. British pies are often little personalized sized pot pies typically savory and served with mash potatoes and gravy (and often mushy peas).

This breakfast pie was filled with tofu scramble, seitan bacon, and cheese. It was really good! I wish I could have tried all the pies they had.

Rudy’s Dirty Vegan had only been open like a week when we stumbled in to try their Reuben sandwich. Most Brits haven’t heard of this famous New York sammie filled with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, topped with Russian dressing and served on rye bread. It’s very easy to make a vegan version with either seitan or tempeh. Theirs was not served on rye, which I really do prefer, but it was still tasty. Their mac n’ cheese is pretty good too.

We were getting pretty full at this point, so we started to head out but spotted some vegan churros. They came with a caramel sauce and hot chocolate (which was more like a drink than a dip).

It was a wonderful day of eating vegan food! I can’t wait to go back and try the tons of other options in the area of Camden.

Have you been to Camden? What is your favorite vegan food there?

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  1. It all looks so delicious! I am also a big fan of the reuben, though they are not very common in Australia either.

    I have been to a Camden, though not that Camden. The Camden I went to was in rural New South Wales near Sydney for my second last year of vet school to do large animal things… the London Camden sounds much much much better times a million in all respects.

    1. Yeah no one knew what I was talking about in London, but I love Reuben’s so much! Definitely go next time you are in London!

  2. I used to eat at least twice a week in the KERB market when I was living in Camden. It’s an amazing place for vegans to enjoy a variety of street food and also explore new flavours as it is almost impossible to have tasted or even heard all the amazing dishes they offer there. Your last picture made me craving for some Spanish churros with chocolate!

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