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Travel Log: Gold Coast & Cairns

Thanks for bearing with me as I get my travels down on “paper”. After beautiful Sydney we headed to the Gold Coast. It looked so beautiful in the photos and this is where everyone goes to surf. So it had to be a good spot to visit right? Not so much. The water was freezing and learning to surf sounded like a horrible idea. It was very touristy. Supposedly this is where rich Australians vacation. So you can imagine lots of chain restaurants, everything being overpriced ($23 for a Thai curry!!), and no real culture or quirkiness.… Read more
Posted on 12/10/2014 | Leave a Comment

We Hit a Huge Milestone! Let me give you stuff!

This weekend we hit 25,000 fans on Facebook. And when we hit huge milestones we like to give stuff away! First I want to thank every single one of you for being part of my blissful community. Whether you’ve been along for the ride since the beginning some nine years ago (I still remember my first meal delivery clients and even my first cooking class students!!) or you are just joining the party the whole reason I have this little corner of the internet is because of you.… Read more
Posted on 03/24/2014 | 50 Comments

Happy Anniversary to Me and Blissful Bites!

Hello blissful beings! Today is sort of a special day to me. It marks the 2 year anniversary of the release of my cookbook Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet. I’m very proud of this book and it remains a timeless addition to the many wonderful vegan cookbooks available today. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!! For anyone that has written a book you understand what a wonderful, time-consuming, emotionally charged and rewarding experience it is!… Read more
Posted on 09/06/2013 | 6 Comments

Gluten-free Hazelnut Brownies and Review of Gone Pie Bakery

October Cooking Tool of the Month – Cast Iron  Brownies are one of those things that I really love to eat, but can never quite make myself the way I want them to taste. The reason why brownies at a bakery taste so good is because they are full of sugar and fat. In my test kitchen I try to reduce the amount of sugar and use less fat, but the brownies never taste that good. They are dry and not sweet enough.… Read more
Posted on 10/25/2012 | 6 Comments

Guest Post: Bananas Foster Upside-Down Cake in a Cast Iron

October Cooking Tool of the Month – Cast Iron Today’s guest post is a dessert…finally!! Cast iron’s are so great to use for desserts and sweet things. This cake from Leinana of Vegan Good Things makes my mouth water! Hopefully I will be able to squeeze out a dessert recipe for you too before the month is up. I apologize for the lack of recipe posts this month. I’ve been traveling so much!! Tell me in the comments what kind of recipes would you like to see for the last week of cast iron and I will try to make them happen this week! … Read more
Posted on 10/22/2012 | 5 Comments

Why Cast Iron and a Gluten-free Skillet Mac n’ Cheese recipe!

October Cooking Tool of the Month – Cast Iron Why should you cook in cast iron cookware and how do you take care of it? Well I’m not saying you should but it sure makes food super tasty. You can make pretty much anything in cast iron! And you’ll absorb more iron when you cook in it making it the perfect everyday pan for vegans. Robin Abell talks more about iron absorption here. The only thing is it’s not really an oil-free way of cooking.… Read more
Posted on 10/15/2012 | 10 Comments