A balanced approach to health and wellness.

The Health Trifecta

Christy uses and teaches The Health Trifecta which if used can lead to optimal health. This is a combination of nutrition, fitness and mind/body approaches. Need help reaching your health and fitness goals? Get in touch today!

Mind/Body approach
Christy’s Mission

With the right tools comes success

Christy will help you reach your health and fitness goals with a big-picture, balanced approach. We go beyond the number on the scale to create a transformation you never dreamed possible in body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to make a lifestyle change that boosts your energy and takes your health to a whole new level.

Christy Morgan

Christy Morgan has been tantalizing taste buds for over 15 years as a natural foods chef, cooking instructor, author, yoga teacher and fitness coach. Her mission is to show that a plant-based diet and lifestyle can be delicious & easy, and will bring more energy and bliss into your life all while helping the planet.


What our amazing clients think

Christy believes it’s never too late to improve your health and wellbeing. No matter what your fitness level, experience with nutrition or yoga, Christy is available for private and small group sessions that will get your health on track.