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We Hit a Huge Milestone! Let me give you stuff!

This weekend we hit 25,000 fans on Facebook. And when we hit huge milestones we like to give stuff away!


First I want to thank every single one of you for being part of my blissful community. Whether you’ve been along for the ride since the beginning some nine years ago (I still remember my first meal delivery clients and even my first cooking class students!!) or you are just joining the party the whole reason I have this little corner of the internet is because of you. I’ve been blogging for maybe five years or so and it brings warmth to my heart to know that my blog posts, cookbook, recipes, videos, weekly emails, and daily tweets have helped you along your personal journey to health and happiness.

So here’s what I got for you!

If you are just transitioning to a vegan, plant-based diet or your diet has been not so great and you need new inspiration my 28-day Wellness Reboot cleanse is just what you need. See more details and a video about the program here and testimonials on this page (they speak for themselves!). Use coupon code COMMUNITY to get 50% off! Register now!

My new fitness programs are already 50% off! Lucky you! But I will give away my 12-week personalized plan to two lucky winners. Now is the time to take your health and wellness to the next level! People who follow a program or have a coach on their side cheering for them have far more success than those who go it alone. I personally have experienced this!

You can always do both of these programs. That’s actually what I recommend is to do the 28-day program first to learn how to cook and eat really well, then get a program designed for you that has weight training involved. So go ahead and grab the wonderful discount for the reboot and if you win the 12-week personalize program we will set that up as soon as you finished the 28-day program!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!! But you can save 50% on 28-day cleanse until 4/4/14!!

The winners of the 12 week personalized fitness program are Jared and Cristina!


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