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Week 10 Circuit Workout – Leg Burnout!

As my house lay in shambles and boxes are everywhere for my move back home to Dallas last night, I wasn’t going to do a workout video this week, but managed to crank one out for ya before I left town! I’m crashing at my dad’s place for a few months while I save up money and get out of debt. His place has nowhere suitable for film workout videos except for outside. Weather permitting I hope to continue making videos for you! Let me know if you are enjoying them in the comments and I will keep at ’em!

I’m heading out to Marshall, Texas today for the Healthfest where I’ll be giving two lectures; Meal Planning Made Easy and A Fitter, Happier You. Meal prep and fitness are two subjects I am very passionate about so I’m super excited to be there. I went last year as a guest and it was so much fun packed into a weekend. Hope to see you there!

An update for all my DFW clients: I’m super excited to get back in touch with you and plan to offer a few discounts on private cooking instruction, cooking parties, and in-person personal training so keep an eye or get in touch if you want to get on my schedule for the next 3 months.

Now onto our circuit workout for today, which is going to kill your legs! Feel the burn baby!

Why circuit training? Particularly for fat-loss, training in a circuit manner can be helpful because it keeps you moving and your heart rate up. Circuit training is moving through a set of exercises, one exercise to the next, with no or minimal rest between exercises then taking a 1 to 2 minute rest at the end of the completed circuit. Then you repeat for a number of rounds.

Week 10 Leg Burnout Circuit
10-20 reps each exercise (or on each side), 3-4 rounds of the circuit

1. In/Out Jack Squats
2. Squat w/ Side Leg Lift – right side
3. Squat w/ Side Leg Lift – left side
4. Skaters
5. Walkout with Twist
6. Bulgarian Split Squat – right side
7. Bulgarian Split Squat – left side
8. Side Plank w/ Front & Back Toe Tap – right side
9. Side Plank w/ Front & Back Toe Tap – left side

If you try the workout let us know how it went in the comments!

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