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NuZest: The newest plant protein to rock your world!


For those of you who follow my fitness journey or have seen me speak on nutrition know that I’m not one to blow off protein. Yes, as vegans we don’t need as much as an average omnivore is eating. Even as athletes or those wanting to build muscle do not need to eat as much as the traditional bodybuilding diet. We are talking up to 50% of calories coming from protein, which is usually in the form of animal flesh in the omnivore diet. Ewww, right? We shouldn’t be asking “Are you getting enough protein?” but “Are you getting the right kind of protein?”.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is anywhere between 10-35% of calories. This range and your personal needs are based on age, activity level, gender, genetics, and more. Thankfully, we can get all the protein we need from plant sources no matter what our goals! The magic number is around 20-30 grams of protein at one time (per meal) for muscle protein synthesis. So having a post-workout shake is my go-to to get the protein I need for recovery and repair of my muscles after I work out.

Enter NuZest Clean Lean Protein…

NuZest came onto the scene in 2012 in New Zealand and quickly rose to the top. I couldn’t be more excited they have decided to come to the US! One serving has 21 grams of delicious, absorbable, alkaline, plant protein. It’s just the perfect amount to have post-workout.

fitnesscollage2014When I first started my fitness journey two years ago I ate a healthy plant-based diet but really didn’t pay attention to how many calories I consumed or how much protein I was getting. It wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I started to experiment with protein shakes. I noticed when I incorporated a post-workout shake, and made sure I ate enough calories, I got stronger, was able to lift more, recovered faster from my intense workouts, and was able to build muscle and completely transform the way my body looked and felt. My clients have experienced the same benefits. Many of them were following a plant-based diet but were not able to meet their fitness goals until they paid a little more attention to how much protein they ate (along with healthy carbs!). Another great thing about using a protein supplement is the full range of amino acids it provides, which aren’t found in many of our plant protein sources.


I’ve tried almost every plant protein powder on the market. If this is something I’m going to consume regularly it’s gotta be awesome. Here are the very important reasons why I love NuZest Clean Lean Protein!

Over the years, protein powders have stepped up their taste game. Many of them are still chalky and just powdery tasting, but not NuZest. It’s literally the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever tried. And it has the most exciting flavors! Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cappuccino, and Natural. I often mix them to make new flavor combinations.

The number one complaint I hear about protein powder is the texture. If it tastes not-so-great you can put it in a smoothie, throw in some flavored-extract or cinnamon to cover up the taste, but nothing can change the texture. If it’s gritty I can’t choke it down. It’s just not going to happen. NuZest easily dissolves when shaken with water or non-dairy milk. It’s smooth and creamy. No grit in sight!

I don’t want to put crap in my body. So the quality of the protein powder I take is crucial. NuZest is gluten-free, soy-free, gmo-free, sugar-free, and made from European golden peas. It contains all 9 essential amino acids and more. These help build, repair, and recover. You may notice that it’s a bit more pricey than other protein powders, but I’m happy to pay for quality when it comes to what I put in my body.

Sugar & Stevia-free
I don’t know about you but stevia does not settle well with me. The aftertaste I can’t handle. It also messes with my digestive system. I can’t use many of the other protein powder brands out there because of the excess stevia. If a protein powder doesn’t have stevia it most likely will have cane sugar. I refuse to use a brand that has sugar in it. It’s just not needed! So NuZest uses a special sweetener, called thaumatin, harvested from the West African Katemfe fruit. This makes it perfect for smoothies but also to use in baked goods and recipes like this Gingerbread Granola.

I hope you are ready to try it for yourself! 


Everyone will save 10% off your order using the code BLISS10. Plus they are offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more. So grab some today! I promise you’ll love it as much as I do! Head on over to their website to place an order.


Product was provided for me to try free of charge in order to get my honest feedback. I love this product so much that I wanted to share it with you! All thoughts and comments are my own. Affiliate links may be in blog posts, which allows
me to keep bringing you great, free content across all social media platforms.

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  1. Based on your review I’m so tempted to order some and give it a try! I’ve been using Vega for post-workout shakes but wouldn’t mind trying something new, and I’m happy to see NuZest is available in Canada!

    1. It is really delish! If you have any connections to any natural food stores there let them know. They are looking to grow and expand!

  2. I have too carefully limit meat protein due to severe gout flare ups. I am very interested in this product as I follow a LCHF woe and need a plant protein source.

  3. Oooooooh, I want to try! I’ve been feeling a need to ramp up my protein but the powders on the market that I have tried, I don’t like, often because they are chalky and/or have the dreaded stevia! This looks intriguing. Even if I don’t win, I am going to seek it out. Thanks for letting us know about it!

  4. I’ve been using NuZest since Gena at Choosing Raw talked about this summer. I love it. It is my favorite protein powder ever!

  5. This sounds awesome! I haven’t found a protein powder I like without added sugar and also don’t want to ingest Stevia. I have been having a hard time keeping my protein levels up and have gained weight in the effort. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for the review. You are looking fabulous by the way!

  6. As a plant based athlete I am always searching for clean, plant based proteins. Would love to try this stuff out since Vega is pretty much the only one I have found that is palatable. Maybe I could give this stuff a shot during my winter death race run in January, that’s a good test!

    1. PlantFusion has always been my favorite as far as taste and texture before I found NuZest. Vega makes my stomach hurt. Give this one a try!

  7. There is an awful lot of sodium in this…..would you be comfortable recommending another protein powder with less sodium? By my calculations, one serving has 500mg of sodium….that’s a lot.

    1. The sodium is naturally occurring from the peas. If you are worried about sodium you need to find a powder that is not pea protein based or look for a blend. I eat super healthy, don’t salt my food, workout regularly, drink tons of water, etc so I’m not worried at all about the sodium content. I’ve been using pea protein powders for over 3 years with no issues.

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