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Birthday Celebration and Week 13 Circuit Workout

So this was a pretty good week. I turned 36 on Wednesday. I started the day with a yoga class and pondered growing older. In this photo, I’m standing next to a tree that my father planted in our front yard when I was about 6 years old. I’ve watched it grow to be the biggest tree in our whole neighborhood. It literally takes my breath away when I look up at it, it’s so huge (and I kind of worry about the safety of our house if a big storm came!!). I remember when it was no taller than me! I had my dad take a photo of me in tree pose next to it to symbolize all the growth I’ve experienced over the years and the strength I’ve learned to cultivate.

I stand tall as I turn 36 and look forward to a new chapter in my life. I’ve signed up to do a yoga teacher training immersion in India in September (pushing my move to Portland to November). This is the first birthday when I didn’t feel like celebrating like crazy. Usually I would party all week, even all month. I’m not sure if it’s just getting older or whether this time of transition has me in a bit of a funk, but having a simple dinner with friends was all I needed. I used to be afraid of getting older but each year gets better and better with more experiences to be had!

Here’s to great health, following my passion, living my bliss, and helping the world around me to be a better place to live. I feel blessed to share this space with you! Namaste.

Now onto the workout this week! I was able to record this at a friend’s apartment gym. It shows a sample of the exercises. Hopefully someday I will have the proper space to record workout videos for you! Until then we’ll make do with my traveling schedule and lack of space.

Week 13 Circuit Workout
4+ Rounds through the circuit
10-15 reps each exercise
All you need is one set of dumbbells (I used 15 lbs but you may need heavier)

1. Quick Feet w/ Squat
2. Burpee w/ Shoulder Taps
3. Side Plank w/ Row – Left side
4. Side Plank w/ Row – Right side
5. Weighted Toe Tap Crunch
6. Double Suitcase Deadlift

If you try the workout let us know how it went in the comments!

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