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Week 4 Circuit Workout – No equipment needed!

This week’s workout only requires your body (and a chair)! We are going to do a timed based circuit instead of rep based because I think that works best for bodyweight only interval training. Your goal is to push yourself as hard as you can during the “on” portion of the exercise using excellent form.

For beginners start with 30 seconds on doing the exercise, with a 10 second break (or more if needed), which is basically enough time for you to catch your breath and get ready for the next exercise. Intermediate try 40 seconds on and advanced try 50 seconds on and maybe lengthen the break to 15/20 seconds. It’s easiest to do this style of workout with an interval timer. Many can be found for free on your smartphone. I use one called Seconds and use the “HIIT” timer.

 Try for at least 4 rounds of this HIIT workout!

1. Squat to Roll Back and Hop
2. Pike Press
3. Step-Up Right Leg
4. Step-Up Left Leg
5. One Leg Calf Pulses (switch legs at halfway point)
6. Push-up To Alternate Side Reach
7. Plank Body Saw

If you try the workout let us know how it went in the comments!

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