Week 9 Circuit Workout – Arms, Abs, & Buns

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Workouts are BACK! If you haven’t read last week’s post I would love to get your thoughts on it. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for this awesome cookbook!

This week I’ve got another workout you can do at home with only a resistance band (and a chair which I think you all have at home)!

Why circuit training? Particularly for fat-loss, training in a circuit manner can be helpful because it keeps you moving and your heart rate up. Circuit training is moving through a set of exercises, one exercise to the next, with no or minimal rest between exercises then taking a 1 to 2 minute rest at the end of the completed circuit. Then you repeat for a number of rounds.

This workout has some exercises that you might not have seen before so watching the video is important! Remember when using a resistance band you determine how challenging the exercise is by adjusting your feet placement in relationship to the length of the band. Make sure on the unilateral (one-sided) exercises you do the full reps on each side before moving to the next exercise. The push-ups are challenging so do as many as you can.

Week 9 Arms, Abs, & Buns Circuit Workout
10-15 reps each exercise (on each side), 3-4 rounds of the circuit

1. Modified Pistol Squat – use a chair or box or step stool or whatever you got! Do one side for reps then move to next side
2. Dolphin Push-ups
3. Reverse Chop with resistance band – do one side for reps then move to next side
4. One-Leg Elevated Hip Pulses – do one side for reps then move to next side
5. Push-up to Superman Opposite Reach – just 10-15 reps total
6. Cross Punch – do one side for reps then move to next side

If you try the workout let us know how it went in the comments!

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