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Mexico City is a vegan mecca!

As we vegans like to do, every time I travel to a new country I’m planning my days around where I will eat. I research and star all the vegan options I can find on the internet and HappyCow on Google Maps. Pro Tip: Did you know you can see all your starred places on Google Maps even when you don’t have internet? It’s the best!

As soon as I arrived in the city I was ready to eat. I walked around to a few places I found on Google Maps that ended up not being closed. That is really annoying, especially when you are starving! This happened to me a ton in Medellin, too. Please, help a vegan out! If you ever stumble upon a place that is closed down please update Google Maps with that info! They make it really easy: click “Suggest an edit” and at the top is a toggle to tell them it’s closed or doesn’t exist. If you feel like going the extra mile then update it on HappyCow too. Thanks for being an awesome vegan traveler!

While I was walking around I checked HappyCow and Utopia happened to open in a few minutes. I got over there and they were still setting up but thankfully let me sit down to order. I asked to just give me whatever was good and was served four delicious tacos with soy meat, avocado sauce, cilantro, and red onion with a squeeze of fresh lime (65 pesos, $3.20 USD). It was so simple but some of the tastiest tacos I’ve ever had at a great price. That’s what I love so much about Mexico. The ingredients are the freshest that even the simplest thing tastes incredible. Oh the avocados *drool*

in Condesa
Hours 1:00 – 8:00pm (sometimes 1:30 on Sundays)

It was at Utopia that I saw a poster for a vegan fair going on that weekend. I jumped in an Uber and headed over there right after finishing off my tacos. It was a nice little event that the organizers happen to have once a month in different locations. How cool is that?! I tried many samples, got some pineapple parsley ice cream (it’s kind of a thing in Mexico to put parsley in ice cream and juices), a simple Asian salad to eat for dinner later, and a dulce de leche cupcake.

La Veganeria Bazar
changes locations
Saturday & Sunday once a month, 10am-7pm

The next morning I wanted to grab something to eat before I headed out to the pyramids. One of the best places open early for breakfast is Forever Vegano. Above is what I ordered: a tofu casserole kind of thing topped with vegan cheese and cauliflower chorizo (an extra $1 and totally worth it). For 40 pesos extra you can add on a soy latte and fresh orange juice (my total bill was 165 pesos, $8.15 USD). It was pretty tasty but I want to try more things on the menu before I make a final judgment. The location is great, it has a wonderful patio to sit on, the staff was super nice and one person spoke pretty good English.

Forever Vegano
in Roma and Polanco
Hours 9:00am – 6:00pm

While walking around the following day I stumbled onto a vegan taco food stand that was super cheap. The tostado-looking things above are called “tingas”, which had a sautéed carrot mixture on top of refried beans topped with lettuce, tofu, and creme sauce. You can see in the background an array of homemade salsas (the mango was my fave!). This cost me 22 pesos ($1.08 USD). What a score! The owner was really lovely so I hope they succeed (it had only been open for 2 weeks when I was there in February).

El Tako Vegano (CLOSED)

One of my most delicious (and expensive) meals was at Los Loosers. This little bike delivery turned store-front had chill vibes, great music, lovely staff, and a rotating menu each day. I had a burger made from plantains that was the perfect blend of savory and sweet. My friends Sam and Zab from Indefinite Adventure had the exquisite coconut ramen. Then we shared some cake. Of course.

Los Loosers
in Condesa
Hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

My last meal was tacos at Por Siempre (CLOSED) after a wonderful yoga class. It’s a food stand with no seating, but great cheap tacos with their homemade plant-based meats. It was pitch black so I couldn’t get a good photo of my food but you can see all the different meats above. Tacos were like $1.50 USD each so try them all!

What are your favorite places to eat in Mexico City? Share with us in the comments!

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