How much do I love Austin? Enough to move there!

Hi blissful beings! As you can see I haven't written much on the blog this week. I do apologize but I was living it up in Austin. I taught two classes at the Whole Foods flagship store in their Culinary Center as well as demoed at the Austin Farmer's Market. It was a blast and the staff at both was amazing. The kitchen at Whole Foods is one of the nicest I've taught in, so thanks to WF for having me!

Friday evening I taught Greens and Grains of Summer featuring recipes from Blissful Bites. Right in the thick of the class I realized I chose two kale recipes. I'm crazy for kale!! We made one of my favorite kale recipes ever Spring Kale Salad with Sweet Mustard Dressing. This and the Mac n' Kale have turned people into kale lovers across the nation. My book features a number of raw kale salads that are a must try! Not to toot my own horn but my kale salads are the best I've ever eaten. The trick to making the perfect raw kale salad is in the massaging. Go to town on that kale!

Saturday morning I demoed the Spring Kale Salad at the Austin Farmer's Market. It was amazing to see the growth of this market since I lived in Austin 6 years ago. There was even a vegan booth, Happy Vegan, where I grabbed a breakfast taco and a cinnamon roll before heading to The Natural Epicurean to speak at their open house. I haven't bought produce from a farmer's market in a while because the ones here in DFW aren't so great. Oh my gawd the kale, the fennel was drool-worthy and I popped the cherry tomatoes in my mouth like they were candy. 

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of teaching a hands-on class at Whole Foods. It was Japanese style and included one of my favorite things to teach; sushi! Everyone was really great and had a blast. We sat down at the end of class to enjoy our food and a little sake. Thanks to everyone that made it out to my classes! It was lovely to meet you!

More photos from these events can be found on my Facebook page

I also had a wonderful time hanging out with Doron of Sticky Fingers Sweets and Eats! She just happened to be in town the same weekend and I just love her to pieces. 

After spending a week in Austin it looks like I'll be moving there next month! So if you missed these classes you will have more opportunities later this summer I hope! But if you'd like to get away and learn all you need to know about plant-based cooking there are a few spots open for my weekend cooking retreat June 9th/10th. Postmark your check by Monday and get the early bird price!

When I'm in Austin I just feel…home. The city is young and hip, people ride their bikes everywhere, there are so many great vegan options, the farmer's market is inspiring, the people are super nice, it's inexpensive to live there, it has culture and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. I just can't get enough of it! It's time for a new chapter in my life. My dad is well and thriving and I have some great opportunities for work in Austin. I couldn't be more excited!

What are you excited about this week? Keep an eye out for our Microplane giveaway tomorrow!

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  1. that's fantastic news, love!!

    … and, I can't wait to come visit! I've heard the greatest things about Austin. Bestest wishes on your move. <3

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