A Healthy, Hearty Thanksgiving

KimBThe Blissful Chef and the beautiful Stiletto Chef are featured in today’s Healthy Bitch Daily. Run on over to get tips on how to stay healthy, fit, and trim for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Features 2 mouth-watering recipes from yours truly.

From the website:

“Healthy Bitch Daily delivers healthy, say-it-like-it-is advice on food, fitness, sex, money, meditation, shopping and more, so you can stop listening to the crap your friends feed you.

It’s not about being skinny or counting calories. It’s about being conscious of what you are feeding, lathering and putting on that beautiful, God-given body of yours…Healthy Bitch Daily will also offer a daily newsletter so you don’t skip a beat. Why should you have to come to us, when we can come to you?”

Don’t forget that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to make a commitment to ending the cruelty of factory farming and forgo the turkey. Just because it’s a tradition doesn’t mean you can’t transform the holiday into a day of true compassion.

Here are a few websites that have you covered for an amazing cruelty-free No-turkey Day:

VegNews – delicious recipes!

Vegan Hope – feast your eyes on these recipes!

Vegan.com – Your go to for all things vegan and special T-day feast.

GirlyGirlArmy – A feast fit for a diva, and more.

YourDailyThread.com – Tips and recipes.

Dr Weil’s Tip of the Day – Some great tips on having a veg holiday.

QuarryGirl’s Thanksgiving Guide in LA – if you don’t feel like cooking.

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