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Vegan Street Fair is a vegan daydream

When I saw my friends talking about Vegan Street Fair (VSF) on Facebook and Instagram I looked up flights to Los Angeles. I lived there for 5 years so many of my closest friends still reside there so I welcome a trip to visit them. I was shocked to see flights were under $150 round trip! My flight was bought and off I went a few days before the fair to catch up with friends. I had the most beautiful time in Ojai for a day and my friend showed me all the beauty there: hot springs, hiking amongst the orange groves above the city, eating at the Farmer and the Cook, and watching the sunset at Meditation Mount.

I was lucky enough to get a press pass to VSF, which help me skip the lines with a VIP pass. They offer that pass to everyone for $40 and honestly it is totally worth it. The lines at all the food vendors were really long. It was a blessing to not wait in those lines so next year get the VIP pass!

Best of Show – Fish tacos from TGI Vegan

Out of the ten or so items that I ate that day the fish tacos from TGI Vegan were the best! Perfect crunch from the fish and cabbage, the cream sauce they used was the perfect compliment, topped with cilantro and a fresh squeeze of lime. I could have eaten five more!

Best Dessert – Mini cupcake stack from Baby Love Sweetery

Best dessert goes to the mini cupcake stack on a stick at Baby Love Sweetery. We tried the Churros and Dulce de Leche, both were exquisite, fluffy cake, really nice frosting that was too overly sweet.

Runner up – Turmeric ice cream from Yoga-urt. I hadn’t been to their physical storefront or tried their soft-serve so I was excited to see they would be at the fair. But they didn’t have any soft serve! That’s okay because they packed ice cream was amazing.

Other Highlights

I ate so many things and didn’t take photos of all of it. Bad blogger. Also there were some great booths that were not food related that I was happy to discover! But some of my other favorite things were:

Sun Cafe – Portobello pastry thing was so delicious
Raw Juicery – The Boss’s Tonic juice is so bomb
BeetxBeet – bought the really cute Vegans are Magical unicorn top
Plant-Based Muscle – had the cutest tank tops and stickers with her doggy on it
No Tox Life – the best smelling non-toxic candles I’ve ever smelled

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