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An update on my life

You probably noticed I don’t blog anymore. Or maybe you didn’t and you’ll never see this. Anyways, I felt like I need to do a brief update on what has been going with me since I moved to Portugal. I did it in video form because it was easier.

Sometimes I think about blogging again but I’ve fallen into a routine of working for other people (in digital marketing) and not leaving time for my own projects. I’m trying to have a better work/life balance so my free time is used cooking, exercising, playing tennis, exploring, spending quality time with friends and doing anything that I find fun or relaxing. Blogging is really a lot of work, especially if it involves creating recipes and writing travel guides. And I’ve never made money from it so blogging has always been a labor of love. A way to share valuable information with others.

I’m not saying I will never blog again, but for now, I’m just living life to the fullest. Because life is short.

2023 update, I do plan to start blogging again! I have so many places I’ve visited that I want to do posts on plus I would love to talk more about immigrant living. I’m always posted in my Instagram stories if you want to follow along with my daily life.

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