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Travel log: Himalaya mountains and Trimurti Yoga Teacher Training

I know this post is long overdue! If you read my last travel log on Delhi we now continue through India to Dharamshala in the Himalayan mountains. As I left Delhi I had pretty much written off India. I was almost late for my flight because I was told domestic flights were at one Terminal when in fact Air India was in the International terminal. Delhi has a new subway line that goes straight to that terminal. To get to the domestic terminal you have to get off a stop earlier and take a bus (which you have to pay for). I did that and when I arrived at that terminal learned it wasn’t correct, so I had to take another bus to go to the correct terminal. I was doing all of this with my huge backpack so it wasn’t a fun time. Thankfully my flight was delayed so I didn’t miss it.

I boarded the tiny plane to head to the mountains. I had no idea what to expect from the area, just knew it would be cooler and I would be in the sanctuary of my own room with vegan meals provided for me. I knew I was in for an intense 4 weeks schedule with 5 1/2 days a week of lectures and learning and two yoga classes a day with Trimurti Yoga. I would spend the next month immersed in yoga and with over 25 strangers who were also passionate about yoga. This experience was the true essence of my mantra of NO FEAR. You definitely need that attitude to subject yourself to a month-long teacher training in India.


From the moment I arrived and viewed the beautiful landscape my fears were calmed. A few travelers that arrived at the same time jumped into a cab with me and off we went to Trimurti. Everyone was nice and from all over the world. I checked into my room and unpacked my things. The next day we would have our official first meeting so I got to relax and take it all in. My room was modest but large, at the top of a hill up the way from Trimurti Garden where our yoga training was taking place. Everyone received private rooms, because it’s important to have a place to retreat after a long day of training and lectures. If you ever do an immersion program like this make sure you have your own room! I also highly recommend having your own bathroom. I’m so glad I paid a little extra for this as the shared bathroom situation was not my cup of tea.

The teachers were all very kind and unique. Everyone brought something special to the training. I’ve been practicing a long time but I still learned new things! Cher showed me a new way to clasp my hands in headstand that completely revolutionized it! Dougie taught me about discipline and how to communicate effectively. Aliya taught me how to give in to releasing through yin yoga. Karo taught me how to practice from the heart but to know my shit (anatomy, alignment, chakras, five elements, it’s all connected!). Baskar taught me the true meaning of yoga. Arya taught me to be serious in what I do and have respect for others. And the other students taught me so much as well! It was a beautiful experience to connect to so many people. Though I mostly kept to myself I made quite a few deep connections. The other students also helped encourage me to try new things and push myself further. I had never tried the pose below before, and now I can touch my foot to my head!


The reasons why I chose Trimurti Yoga?

Price – after comparing yoga teaching trainings all over the world it was cheaper to go all the way to India to complete it.
Teachers – Trimurti is a mix of teachers from the East and West, giving a more diverse view of yoga and it’s principles. We learned very traditional yoga philosophy, a great deal of western anatomy, and everything in between.
Location – It’s India! The birthplace of yoga. Another place to mark off my travel bucketlist.
Immersion – I loved the idea of immersing myself in a month-long program. I could have done a teacher training at home that is set over many months but I wanted to drown myself in a program. I love learning and education, so even though the schedule was intense, I thrived.
Multi-style – It was a big deciding factor to choose a school that taught different styles of yoga since I don’t want to specialize in one style. We learned Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha (Sivananda style as well), and a little bit of Yin. I feel prepared to teach those styles or create my own!
Hands-on Experience – Part of the program was about the art of teaching, how to teach, how to adjust and modify asanas, and we got to actually teach each other. This was so important!


If you are looking for a yoga teacher training I can’t recommend Trimurti Yoga enough! I have no idea what the Goa location is like, but I loved Dharamshala. It’s a total hippie town with plenty of yummy vegan options and actual vegan cafes. The sweet lady that made our meals made vegan cakes that even the non-vegans devoured. I felt taken care of but was also allowed to do my own thing.

If you have any questions at all please let me know in the comments! 

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  1. This is very important Post, absolutely fantastic & very usefull i really appreciate thanks for this Great Information.

  2. Thank you so much for this article. I am looking for a ttc and thinking about trimurti. I am a little worried about the program which looks very intense.. don’t you feel frustrated to discover all of these yoga and maybe to don’t really explore one ?
    Discovering all of these look amazing but i am afraid to don’t feel ready or to have this feeling to just “have a quick look” on every types of yoga. I would like to know more about this feeling and of you feel it ?

    1. As someone that has practiced yoga since 1998 I’ve tried almost every kind of yoga. I’m not drawn to one specific type and I pull from various styles to create my own yoga style. It would have been boring to me to focus on one style for my training. If you don’t know yet what type you are drawn to doing a training with multiple styles is a plus so you can explore. But honestly you need to practice yourself for many more years before you become a teacher if you don’t know what you like. The best teachers first master being the best student first.

      Also, every month long training is going to be intense because it’s full time. If you don’t want intense you’ll need to take one in your home town that is spread out over a year.

  3. very useful article written. thanks for sharing this very much informative post about yoga TTC.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience at Trimurti. I have one question: I suppose u were traveling alone- did you feel save in Dharmasala? I am really much interested in joining the Trimurti course, but after reading some travelling advices I am Not sure whether I will feel save as a woman traveling to India.
    Thank you for sharing your answer!

    1. Yes I would consider it one of the safest places in all of India. The Dalai Lama lives there! The place where the training is located is a tiny little village.

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