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Experience Mantra 2016: Teaching yoga & learning to surf

In 2015 I decided to start setting mantras instead of resolutions for the new year. Usually by February those resolutions are nowhere to be found. It suited me better to come up with “a statement or slogan repeated frequently” throughout the year that would lead my choices and experiences. 2015 was the year of No Fear where I purposely set out to tackle things that scared the shit out of me.

When I dug deep to find the mantra for 2016, Experience came to me. It’s sort of a continuation of no fear, to experience brand new things that either I’ve always wanted to do or that I never thought about doing but would be interesting, fun, and enriching in some way. Many of them are fitness related, some of them are life enrichment experiences like learning Spanish in Central and South America. And I’ve had a few very provocative experiences that I’m not quite sure I can share on this blog!

These are my stories.


Experience Mantra #3 & #4: Teaching Yoga in Bali & Surfing

I’m combining #3 and #4 in one blog post since they both happened at the beautiful and fun surf and yoga resort Pelan Pelan in Canggu, Bali. This little surf town won me over and I would return in a heartbeat. I wrote a little blog about what you could expect if you choose Pelan Pelan; I really hope you do because it’s an amazing time. I had the pleasure of teaching yoga to the guests there for about 2 weeks. This was my first time teaching group classes and it was the best way to break the ice. The classes were small, only 2-6 people, which allowed me a lot of hands on adjustments and tailoring each pose to the client. There were beginners and even another recent yoga teacher training graduate.


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with my first yoga classes. They were laid back and I was able to create some really appropriate classes with a tired surfing body in mind (lots of chest openers, shoulder stretching and hip openers!).

My first surf experience was pretty horrifying. The waves were far too big for a beginner in Canggu the day I ventured out with the guests (as you can see from the photo!!), but I really wanted to give it a try with them (who had all been surfing the week before). After spending a few days at the Perfect Sunset School here in Costa Rica watching a few gals from California learn to surf on tiny itty bitty waves, I know now that I should have never been on waves that big.


We swam out pretty far and I hadn’t a clue what I was doing. The wave started to come and I paddled, catching the wave, but had decided I wouldn’t try to stand up on my first wave. I wanted to just ride it to see what it felt like. The feeling of being swept away and flying along the water was pretty exhilarating! I probably could have stood up since I have great core strength and balance. If I had gotten a proper lesson and caught a smaller wave all would have ended well, but I didn’t know I was suppose to exit the board (fall into the water) before it tumbled over into white water. So the wave crashed down upon me and sent me far under the water. I thought I was going to drown. I couldn’t tell up from down and struggled to find the air. The waves continued to crash over me tumbling me like a shoe in a dryer as I tried to run toward the shore as fast as possible to get away from the waves. I had whiplash for days from this experience and haven’t touched a surfboard since.

2 starsOf course, I want to teach yoga again so it receives 5 stars on the experience scale. Surfing on the other hand receives 2 stars. I’m glad I tried it but don’t feel like I need to do it again or get better at it.

Have you tried surfing before? What was your experience with it? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. I ever try to yoga, its makes us calm and healthier. I also try to go on a diet. the first time for yoga, I was not so excited but after that I felt very comfortable and loved. I’ve also been trying to learn to surf, it was very scary at the first day. but very interesting. I learned to surf ODYSSEY BALI SURF SCHOOL. Surfing is very pleasant, they have an excellent team. Your fear will disappear.

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