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Experience Mantra 2016: Muay Thai Kickboxing

As you may recall last year in 2015 I decided to start setting mantras instead of resolutions or goals for the new year. 2015 was the year of No Fear. When I dug deep to find the mantra for 2016, Experience came to me. It’s sort of a continuation of no fear, to experience brand new things that either I’ve always wanted to do or that I never thought about doing but would be interesting, fun, and enriching in some way. Many of them are fitness related because as you will read below I missed out on a lot of athletic stuff growing up. Some of them are life enrichment experiences like learning Spanish in Central and South America. And I’ve had a few very provocative experiences that I’m not quite sure I can share on this blog! What better time than the present!

These are my stories.


Experience Mantra #2: Muay Thai Kickboxing

I’ve always had a fascination with athletes though growing up I never did sports. I didn’t even do dance or gymnastics. Raised by a busy father that didn’t know what to do with me, he never forced me to do anything at all. I buried myself in books, science, photography, and other nerdy things rather than do anything athletic. Granted, I did have one year on the swim team in 11th grade because my friends wanted to join and I never learned how to swim as a child. I almost drowned on the first day of class and I was the slowest so my confidence in athleticism was zip. But at least I wouldn’t drown! I’m making my dad (and childhood) sound horrible; he was just really hands off and let me do whatever I wanted while providing me with everything a child needs like clothing, food, and shelter.


I’ve had a hidden jealously for people who were/are sporty and have amazing athletic abilities because of this upbringing. In my 20’s I started a campaign to do the things I missed out on in my childhood and that has continued into my 30’s. When I lived in Los Angeles I took a jazz dance class at the local community college. I was literally the oldest person in the class but didn’t care. It was fun! When I turned 30, I did my first triathlon and a second one a couple of years later. I got into bodybuilding at 33. And here I am at 37 continuing the path of learning, growing, and attempting athletic pursuits, no matter how bad I suck at them.

You’re never too old right?

That’s what I keep telling myself. Because I do feel old sometimes. Then I do something like Muay Thai kickboxing and feel empowered. Not only that but I’ve tied my quest for adventure into new dating experiences. I updated my online dating profile to say I’m accepting submissions for new experiences so pitch me ideas. The first message of the year was from a guy who does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short). This is a contact sport, can be pretty intense, and isn’t really suitable for a first date! So he suggested Muay Thai. Having traveled to Thailand three times now it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

So I arrived at Mohler MMA in Deep Ellum ready to kick some ass! I’ve done cardio kickboxing at the gym but no serious stuff with gloves. We got warmed up and my date wrapped my hands. The teacher was very good and showed us the basic moves, which we then tried on each other. The stance was totally different then we use in cardio kickboxing class and it took some time to get used to wearing the gloves. You are barefoot and people are sweating all over the mat, which kind of grossed me out. I slipped a few times on people’s sweat. One big dude stepped on my foot really hard and left a bruise. My bad ankle started hurting at that point and I was really feeling old. But besides those things it was really fun!

4starsIf I had the money I would consider regular lessons, but I don’t think my ankle can handle it sadly. It was a fun first date idea for any of my single readers looking to break out of the dating mold. I give it 4 stars for making me feel badass and being an excellent workout.

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