Finding a love of fitness or is it an obsession?

Can you believe this is my first post about fitness? Well, I guess that's not true because I did tell you about completing my first triathlon. But I haven't talked about it since then really. Since I'm not a personal trainer or teach fitness classes I haven't really felt like it was something I could talk about with any authority. I'm no expert, but when I do laundry each week 3/4ths of the clothing in the laundry basket is workout clothes. This almost feels like a confession. I've become obsessed with working out. But it's not an unhealthy obsession (I don't think). 

At the gym this week I went to my usual boot camp class and rocked it. I'm in the best shape of my life right now. I'm constantly surprised at what my body can do. I may not be able to lift the most weight in class, but I'm able to do more reps with perfect form and speed. This probably is due to the fact that I've done yoga for the last 13 years. If you are an athlete I promise you that adding a yoga practice to the mix will only excel your fitness goals. Another reason is my healthy vegan diet. As you probably know some of the world's best athletes are vegetarian/vegan.

Even though this is the case many athletes are opposed to veganism and fitness professionals push meat-centered diets and casein-filled protein drinks onto people. At the gym last night the instructor brought in two huge tubs of protein powder and after class said "if anyone wants to know about nutrition come see me". I almost laughed out loud. Just because you teach fitness classes does not make you an expert in nutrition. Every single person in class gathered around him while he explained the benefits of using these protein powders (filled with whey and casein). It took every ounce of my being not to refute what he was saying and tell everyone that casein has been shown to cause cancer. 

I wonder if anyone noticed that the most fit person in the class (me) did not rush over to hear about these protein powders. Most of the people have taken classes with me for the last 8 months. They have seen my performance. It's kind of surprising that people aren't coming up to me after class to ask what it is that I'm eating. You all already know how I eat: a whole foods vegan diet (following the 80/20 rule). I work out 5 days a week. I almost always do fitness classes because I don't have the discipline to work out on the machines myself. I get bored. The guidance helps keep me motivated. So if you are new to working out or have been off the fitness train for a while I highly recommend starting with fitness classes. You can get so much energy from the group and the teacher. Also change it up. I do Zumba, yoga, weight training, spinning, boot camp, swimming, sometimes running. After I move to Austin I want to get back into rock climbing and racquetball/tennis. Make fitness fun! 

After 8 months of serious working out, my strength and agility has increased, my energy levels are through the roof, and I feel good in my body. One thing that has not changed much is my body shape. I've realized after all this working out and eating healthy there is only so much you can do to sculpt your body into the shape you want it. When I first starting working out part of it was to lose weight and part of it was to see what my body could do post-30. I'm finally learning to love my body as it is because it's not going to change much more. So I got more junk in the trunk than others. Time to embrace it.

What is your experience with fitness? Have you found a new found love for it? Ready to start a new fitness plan? Share with us in the comments!