New Year, 2010 Must Reads

People come to me for all kinds of advice for holistic health, nutrition, and cooking. I wanted to give you a list of some of my favorite books that I hope you will consider reading if you haven’t already. They are divided into categories and include the reason why I love them. I bet most of them can be checked out at your local library so you don’t have to spend a penny to receive the valuable information inside these books. Click through to purchase on Amazon.

I wanted to list so many others, but don’t want this post to get out of hand! I will work up a master list in the future but here’s a taste to get your year started!


The China Study: T. Colin Campbell

If you are all about science, than this is the book for you. The science is clear. T. Colin Campbell has been doing research on countries all over the world, and one thing has been clear: diets high in animals foods cause chronic disease, but diets high in plant-based foods result in less chronic disease. This book can set important issues straight for you. What we’ve been told our whole lives from the medical profession and government might not be in our best interest.

Any of Dr. Neal Barnard’s books. This guy is one of my favorite people in the plant-based movement and he is doing amazing things over at the PCRM (Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine) including a 21-day Vegan Kickstart to a New YOU! Go sign up!

Macrobiotic/Vegan Philosophy

Food and Healing: Annemarie Colbin

I did a whole blog post that reviews why I love this book. Check it out here.

Diet For A New America and The Food Revolution: John Robbins

You all know him as the hippie that left the fortune of Baskin Robbins to save animals. He’s the man who started a new movement of food: John Robbins. If you have ever had the chance to hear him speak, he is one of most caring, compassionate, and gentle souls I’ve ever met. I love him and his message.

The Kind Diet: Alicia Silverstone (co-written by Jessica Porter)

The new kid on the block, this book will change your life whether you are flirting with eating healthier or already veg(etari)an. Great book to give as gifts to friends and family because who doesn’t want to look and feel vibrant and sexy all while saving the planet, helping the animals, and eating delicious food??!?! Great recipes too.


The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics: Jessica Porter

The hippest chick I know wrote this amazing book that made macrobiotics, well…hip, for all you chicks and chucks. Want to dive into the macrobiotic philosophy in a way that is fun, non-dogmatic, and accessible for the modern world? This is the book for you!


The World Peace Diet: Will Tuttle

This man, Will Tuttle, is my idol. Well, not really but I sure do love his book and his message. If you have a chance to hear him speak, make it happen! He has been vegan for years and as a practicing Buddhist his commitment to veganism runs deep. Tuttle has been called a “modern day prophet” and his book couldn’t be more timely is this time of domination of animals and lack of love and compassion for all living creatures. He also produces some of the most beautiful music!



I must say there aren’t many cookbooks that I use frequently (since I’m a chef and all), but these are good stuff.

Clean Food: Terry Walters

This is by far the best cookbook I’ve seen in a long time. It’s all vegan and very macrobiotic. It uses clean ingredients, so I don’t have to make too many changes to health-ify the recipes like I do with most vegan cookbooks. Every recipe I’ve tried has been delicious, but it’s a bit too heavy on the onion and garlic for me, so I usually just leave it out.

Cooking The Whole Foods Way: Christina Pirello

I gotta say I have a mad crush on this redhead. She has a show on PBS that has been opening the eyes of America that healthy food can taste delicious and there is good reason to make the switch to a plant-based diet. Christina tells it like it is and is sassy as can be. Check out her website filled with all kinds of good stuff! I soon will be a guest blogger on the Christina Cooks site!


Veganomicon: Isa Chandra Moskowitz

This is the mother of all vegan cookbooks. I personally don’t own it but every one of my vegan friends does and I have tried their delicious food made from it. Like most vegan cookbooks I have to make a few changes to health-ify the recipes. This is the best for those transitioning to veganism and want hearty, creative, delicious food.


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  1. I just added 2 of these books to my Amazon wish list! Food and Healing was already on said wish list, but I’ve been reluctant to purchase it because it was written so long ago. I’m concerned that the information is dated now.

    My current cleanse is based on Christina Pirello’s book Glow, so I’m glad to know you’re one of her fans!

  2. I was wondering where your cleanse came from! The info in Food and Healing isn’t dated. Many of these books that talk about macrobiotic principles have been used in Chinese medicine for ages. And a lot things about nutrition and how the body works doesn’t change.

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