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I recently found the Top 10 Vegan Sites article that features some of my favorite people. I decided to make a Top Macrobiotic Sites to show some love to my other healthy friends. I hope you will check them out! You can learn a great deal about health, nutrition, and nourishing yourself the right way from these sites. In no particular order.

The Macrobiotic Guide UK

Even though it says UK in the title doesn’t mean it’s just for the Brits. This site is a wealth of information and articles written by people all over the world who study macrobiotics. There’s also a store, educational lectures you can listen to, health news, and their own YouTube channel. If you need to be connected to a macrobiotic counselor or chef this site can help make that connection for you.

Christina Cooks

Christina is a pioneer in the food movement, cancer survivor, TV show host, and all around nice lady. Her new and approved website is filled with so much knowledge your head might explode. Christina has gotten the best of the best in the field to contribute information on food, macrobiotics, exercise, green living, the environment, and health. If you are on the East coast you gotta go see this woman speak/teach. Or join the vegan health cruise, Holistic Holiday at Sea!

The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics

A place where you can find some amazing and hilarious cooking classes taught by the Hip Chick herself. Keep up with Jessica Porter via her blog, which includes recipes and the ramblings from one of the funniest women I know! An audio version of The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics is now available at the website, spoken aloud by Jessica herself.

Meg Wolff, Becoming Whole

Meg is a two-time cancer survivor and she shares her journey on this site. Includes recipes, books, eCookbooks, macrobiotic news and events, and a page dedicated to the 1,000’s of women who have survived breast cancer and their stories.


Online Macrobiotic Community where you will find a forum full of articles, recipes, and you can get all your macrobiotic questions answered. Also you’ll find a macrobiotic store where you can purchase books, kitchenware, products, and macrobiotic goods.

The Kind Life

Here’s where you’ll find Alicia Silverstone’s blog, but the best part of the site is the forum! This forum is great for those flirting with plant-based diets, those already vegan, and those wanting to dip their toe into the macrobiotic world. You can read the wonderful success stories of those who have made the switch to a healthier way of living and eating. Great for inspiration or if you have any questions, get over there now!

Denny Waxman and the Strengthening Health Institute

“Denny Waxman is an internationally recognized teacher, counselor, and writer on health, natural healing and macrobiotics.” I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Denny speak and his book will get you back on the path to health in no time. Words of wisdom to live by can be found in The Great Life Diet. If you live on the East coast or watch to learn more about macrobiotics Denny’s school offers many educational programs to fit everyone’s needs.


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    1. Hi Jeannie! I looked in the listings of the Macrobiotics Today magazine and this is what I got for Washington.

      Seattle: Michael W. Chen, Starched Press, P.O. Box 30783,
      Seattle, WA 98103-0783; starchedpr@hotmail.com • Rewrites,
      scripts, treatments, ideas, illustrations.

      Seattle: Teresa Rieland; trieland@hotmail.com; 206-251-
      1293 • Macrobiotic education, support and personal chef
      services. sweetveg.org.

  1. Hello
    Im a macrob. man from a small country
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    my e-mail veganvm@gmail.com

  2. I am trying to know the requisites to enroll in the Natural Epicurean School. I already sent an e-mail to them but they don’t answer me.

    1. Sorry this page hasn’t been updated in a while. The school changed ownership many years ago and then closed down last year. Sorry.

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