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Cooking Tool of the Month Roundup, Silicone Bakeware

Cooking Tool of the Month – Silicone Bakeware

Hello my baking beauties! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our February Cooking Tool of the Month! I’m crazy for these products and I guess I’m not the only one! Have you entered the giveaway yet? I’m drawing the winner at 5pm tonight! Silicone bakeware are so versatile and save money, because you don’t have to buy pan spray or parchment paper ever again!

I made a video showing the silicone loaf pan being used, which I was going to share with you today. The recipe I chose out of one of my cookbooks as part of Cookbook Mania end up being not so great. It was a loaf that took an hour and a half to cook. That’s just crazy!! And the topping totally didn’t work out and was just dry and flakey on the top. Lesson learned: don’t make videos of recipes you haven’t tried before. Doh!

So let’s recap the delicious recipes that were a success this month! We learned how to make two delicious no-oil muffins, which are great for starting your day right (or eating anytime of the day as I found)!

Orange Coconut Cornmeal Muffins use coconut milk for the base and a mix of healthy flours to create a not-too-sweet muffin that’s moist and satisfying. Grab that recipe here and watch the video below.

Because I can’t get enough of healthy muffins we made these Wholesome Banana Bread Muffins with a cute chopped walnut topping. This recipe could be used to make a loaf as well but you’ll need to increase the cooking time.

Then Chef AJ blessed us with her Outrageous Brownies, which use beans in the base and dates as the sweetener. You can see a trend here…we like to make even our desserts healthy and nutritious. Thank goodness they still are delicious and your blood sugar isn’t sent on a rollercoaster ride!

Next we made something savory using the silicone bakeware. I wasn’t just going to give you sweets my sweethearts! We made Mini Tofu Frittata Bites and behinds the scenes I used the casserole dish to make roasted veggies. Excuse my father’s outdate kitchen and horrible lighting!

I had the pleasure of receiving some cool silicone products from WIlton, which I took for a spin last week. The baking mat is my new best friend! Bye-bye parchment paper. I made cookies on them and also baked up these Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato Cakes, which will be featured in the cooking class in Portland, ME on March 23rd! Hope to see you there! These sweet and savory cakes were inspired by The Vegetarian Guy’s cookbook. It’s a really great book if you haven’t checked it out!

So are you convinced yet that you need to get some silicone bakeware? Since it’s silicone it lasts forever, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and so easy to use. Please use the Amazon search tool in the footer of this site to shop for things on Amazon (a get a few cents for each purchase which helps keep this blog running and videos coming to ya!).

And don’t forget to enter the Wilton giveaway! Drawing the winner this evening at 5pm CST!

Can you guess what next month Cooking Tool of the Month is? I’m using it in the last video! Yep it’s the Food Processor. If you would like to see a certain cooking tool featured this year on the blog please leave your suggestions in the comments.

Since I’m leaving this Wednesday for my month long book tour on the east coast, we have some wonderful guest bloggers this month showing us amazing recipes using the food processor! I will have some posts for you too including more FAQ videos (be sure to leave your questions in the comments) and updates from the tour. It’s going to be a blast!! I won’t be online as much so I will miss you madly. If you live on the east coast I hope to see your beautiful face at one of my events!

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