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Some of my favorite fitness essentials!

I’m not a gear junkie like a lot of fitness peeps but here are some of the things I can’t live without and that I use all the time! Most of them are essential while some are just handy to have depending on what you on into.

I never leave home without my water bottle. It literally goes everywhere with me!


The only supplement that vegans really need to get the 3 missing things from our diets are all combined in this easy to use spray! Vitamin D, B12, and DHA/EPA. Complement is a game-changer in the market of supplementation. I use it myself and highly recommend it.

There is much debate on whether protein supplements are essential for vegans. I don’t feel like they are necessary for the average person as long as your diet is varied and you aren’t undereating/dieting. But they can be extremely beneficial for goals that include weight loss or building muscle mass or if you regularly exercise throughout the week. I have a protein shake directly after lifting weights to ensure I’m supplying my muscles what they need for repair and growth. There are so many great whole food based vegan brands on the market these days!! Really any shaker cup will get the job done, but you can also make a delicious green smoothie with bananas, fruit, and greens along with a scoop of protein powder.

These are some of my personal favorites:
PlantFusion Multi Source Plant Protein Chocolate – 2 lbs

Warrior Food Extreme Chocolate Plus

MRM Veggie Protein

NuZest Clean Protein Vanilla

Other supplements I use for added nutrition and joint health:

Amazing Grass Superfood Greens Powder

Turmeric & Glucosamine (for joint health)

TRX Home Suspension System

I have this at my gym but if I did do all my workouts at home like so many people I know this would be essential! It’s perfect for travel too so if you are on the move pick one up! It uses bodyweight as resistance training and can be used it various ways for a full body workout! Just stick it in the door jam or tie it over a tree or jungle gym in a local park. TRX Home Suspension Training Kit


MPG is my favorite brand of clothing so far! It can be found at a discount at Marshalls stores. Their capris fit me great and all their clothing is stylish and functional.
MPG Sport Women’s Capri Legging

Other brands I really love are RBX for capris/leggings and 90 Degrees (whose capris rule but I also love their razorback tank tops).

These are the shoes I love but you’ll be good with any Inov-8 trainers. They are one of the only really vegan brands from the glues to the materials.

I swear by these socks and have been wearing them for over 8 years. They stay put in your shoe and are super comfortable and breathable. They are worth every penny.


Foam Roller

Whether you are an endurance athlete, a weight lifter, a crossfitter or do competitive sports a foam roller is your best friend (and enemy lol). It is crucial for stretching and relaxation of joints and muscles. It hurts so good. SPRI High-Density Round Foam Roller

Exercise Accessories 

Resistance bands are essential for doing assisted pull-ups and chin-ups and working out at home. They are also useful to take traveling with you to do some resistance work in your hotel. Some gyms will have these but it’s always good to bring your own in case they don’t! Ultimate Resistance Band Set

Another thing great for travel is a thin Speed Jump Rope!

Take your home or outdoor workouts to the next level with this agility ladder.


I wore this during the treacherous Spartan Race and it was just what I needed to hold some gels, my chapstick, and will hold your phone and keys comfortably against your body: Amphipod AirFlow Microstretch Belt


This is just enough water for me to comfortably carry on a 4 mile trail run and fits my small hand perfectly: FuelBelt Sprint 10-Ounce Palm Holder with Pocket


There are so many great things you can do with a stability ball, also known as a yoga ball. By providing an environment that is not flat you give your body a chance to work on your core and stabilization muscles. You could do a full body workout with a yoga ball! Tone Fitness Stability Ball

I swear by this Timer App and use it when I’m doing home HIIT workouts (or teaching them).



I’m in love with Yoga Tune-up Balls for those hard to reach places, when you don’t have a foam roller nearby, and to travel with! You can check out different routines on YouTube to do with these balls.

For those new to yoga you could probably benefit from a strap and a block to aid in your practice.

Weight Lifting

If you are going heavy (and I hope you are) then lifting straps can be very helpful for grip strength. I have little hands so if I want to go real heavy on certain moves like deadlifts and wide grip lat pulldowns these straps ensure I don’t lose my grip on the bar. These are the ones I have: Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip Pro Lifting Straps.

If you are building a home gym or want to only workout at home instead of a gym, these adjustable dumbbells are the best to have. I also recommend getting an adjustable bench. It’s amazing how diverse of a workout you can do with only these two things! For my clients who work out at home, I’ve designed very efficient programs for them with very little equipment.

After your done working out and are on the go wipe your face down with wipes like these. Your skin will be not happy if you leave the sweat on it for hours!

What are your exercise and fitness essentials? Share with us in the comments!

Disclosure: All the links above are linked to my Amazon partner account. I only link to products I trust and use! When you buy through these links I get a few cents, which allows me to continue offering free content through my blog and social media! Thanks for your support of my work by buying through my links. 

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