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Welcome to my new and improved website!

Well hello there! Long time no chat! Have you noticed my new digs and logo? After much deliberation I decided to create a new logo that was more representative of the direction I’m heading with my own personal life and my business. Fitness has become a huge part of my life. Over the last few years I’ve come to realize that the way to optimal health is not through diet alone but is reached through a combination of good diet and exercise. If you don’t move your body you can not experience optimal health. I merged my two websites (The Blissful Chef & Wellness Reboot) and now everything can be found in one central place! So the Wellness Reboot programs are still available and housed here, my blog will now have food and fitness related posts in one place, and I will continue to add new recipes each month. During the merge my recipes got lost and I’m slowly adding them back in so thank you for your patience!!


So I am now The Blissful & Fit Chef. Think of it as The Blissful Chef 2.0. I’m still the same gal you fell in love with and connected with over delicious recipes and sane health wisdom. I promise that I will still share the same whole food vegan recipes with you on the blog but there will also be posts about how to improve your cardiovascular health through exercise.

I received an email from a “middle-aged” fan of mine who felt like I was leaving that group of fans in the dust because of my interest in fitness. That is so far from the truth! If anything my new love of fitness should invigorate and inspire you to start your own fitness journey! One of the MOST important things for womens’ health is resistance training. Study after study has shown that women who weight train have less instances of osteoporosis and fitness programs can actually grow new bones. And being stronger is just badass!

I workout with middle-aged women at Beyond Fit who run circles around some of the younger gals. One of my close friends is forty-five and did an 8 week program with me of heavy lifting and saw the best results she has ever seen in her physique and health.

The last time I traveled by plane I helped a woman in her 70’s put her suitcase in the overhead compartment. That was the first time I realized I was completely self-sufficient as before I needed a man to help me with my own bag. She asked me, “How did you get so strong?”. I simply told her I lifting weights regularly and after the flight she told me about a kayaking trip she was taking with her family in a few months and how I inspired her to start lifting weights to get prepared for it.

It is NEVER too late to start your fitness journey.

Do not sell yourself short. No matter what your age you can transform your health in amazing ways. If you don’t know where to start, hire a trainer at your local gym. It brings me no greater joy than seeing someone over 60 years old in the gym working with a trainer. There’s this one guy in there FIVE days a week working out at the same time as me. He’s a total badass! Honestly, most the people I see working with trainers are older so they can get the instruction they need for their abilities. Give it a try! You may discover you fall in love with being stronger too.

And if you just aren’t interested in fitness I still love you. I’m still the same girl as before just with more muscles. If there is something in particular that you would like to see on this blog please let me know! Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and I promise to entertain them. I’ve always been here for you. That will never change.


P.S. I just got back from the New Year New You Health Fest and I had a blast! I will give a recap of some of the talks I attended in the next blog post! Do mark your calendar and plan on attending this event next year!

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  1. Love this new site! And I love the logo, but of course I may be a little bias on cute cartoon logos 🙂 I love following your fitness section- while I train for various cardio events, I don’t lift as much as I should. Every time I see your instragram photos at the gym it reminds me to get out there and lift! Thanks Christie! Alex

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