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10-Day Sugar Cleanse Underway!

Are you prepping some awesome meals for the week today? Fail to prepare or you will plan to fail! Prep some staples today and package up some meals you can easily grab and go. This really helps me keep my diet on track and prevents me from reaching for things that are not on the sugar cleanse!


Some people have asked, where is the shopping list and menu plan for the cleanse? There isn’t one unless you want to sign up for my 28-day program. I did give you a sample day of mealsĀ here. This cleanse is something I really wanted to do for myself to get my diet back on track after many birthdays and food events in the last couple of months. So I thought you might want to join in. It’s not anything formal and the “rules” are SUPER EASY. Just don’t eat sugar or anything with sugar in it. Easy peasy.

This will give us a chance to get back in the kitchen and make food from scratch, we will pay closer attention to the packaged foods we have been eating and learn how to look at labels more closely. We will recalibrate our taste buds to appreciate the deliciousness that whole plant foods contain.

And we will do all this together!! Yippee!

It just so happens that my friend Heather is leading a cleanse starting in a few days if you need more hand-holding. Check out her cleanse here.

Here are some of my favorite sugar-free recipes!

Polenta Porridge for breakfast. Just leave out the sweetener!

For lunch I like to have a big ol’ salad with an oil-free dressing. Here’s a guide to making salad dressings. Replace maple with a few soaked dates!

For dinner I like to have tofu scramble with steamed greens or veggie and tofu tacos (corn tortillas don’t usually have sugar!), brown rice sushi rolls, or a “buddha bowl” which is a grains, beans, and greens bowl with sauce drizzled on top.

Go wild and try new recipes in the kitchen! Or revisit your old favorites minus the sugar.

Don’t forget to join us on the Facebook event because that’s where all the action is happening and where I’m sharing what I’m eating this week. See you over there!

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