Going out of town? Plan ahead and find a gym nearby!

Life is crazy. I just wrote the post about how I didn’t need to eat out anymore, then I went out of town Tuesday and have eaten out more in the last 5 days than I have in the last month. Gosh!! I’m staying at my dad’s house so I have no excuse. Laziness could be the culprit. And not planning enough! I did bring some of my own food (apples, bananas, polenta, coconut water, protein powder, low-cal salad dressing, sweet potatoes, kale, mixed greens) and grabbed some canned soup (my newest lazy day obsession), but my father and I have a tradition of going to the Thai restaurant down the street every time I come in town.

So Tuesday night I had Thai food with my dad. I made a pretty awesome choice though; fresh spring rolls and tom kha soup with tofu. I ordered two appetizers instead of appetizer and one entree. This left me feeling light but satisfied. The following day I had a table at a corporate health fair where I told people about Wellness Reboot and sampled out PlantFusion. I made my lunch ahead of time (a massage kale salad with red quinoa, cucumbers, apples and hemp seeds) although they provided a box lunch it was not vegan. I had a nice hearty breakfast of polenta porridge to start my day. This is becoming my go-to breakfast. Here’s the recipe and you can top it with whatever you like! I change it up each time; this one had apples, pecans, and cinnamon.


After the health fair you know I hit the gym! The main reason I joined 24 hour Fitness is there are two right down the street from my father’s house and almost everywhere I travel there is one nearby. Sure there are plenty of great websites with workouts and tons of videos on YouTube, but I really love going to an actual gym outside the house. There are too many distractions at home! Here are two of the weight training sessions I had at the gym. Let me know if you have any questions about this workout.


My main focus for my training is my lower half (though I work all parts of my body different days at the gym). Not only do I need to lose some body fat there, most importantly I need to build muscles and get a nice toned booty. I never thought I would say this but I actually want my butt to be bigger, but with muscle!!  I like big butts and I can not lie… I’m finally seeing definition in my legs. It’s amazing how fast the muscle is growing!

The weird thing is I weighed myself today (Sunday) and I haven’t weighed this little since high school. Austin also took my perfect body fat with the calipers and that had gone down 2% since April 1st. So progress is happening! But if I’m building muscle tone shouldn’t my weight go up? I really could care less what the scale says because there are so many factors that go into the number of the scale. Austin wrote a great blog post about that actually.

Did you notice your weight increased as you began to weight train more? About how long were you training before you noticed a difference?


Friday night I met up with a friend Meg from Twitter/Facebook/Instagram to go rock climbing and eat at the Bowellry, which has tasty vegan bowls and juices/smoothies. It was Meg’s first time rock climbing and she was totally a natural!! We had so much fun and the food at Bowllery was really good. My bowl was full of veggies, greens and tofu ontop of brown rice, and was something I would make for myself at home so it felt good to eat. We splurged on some sweet potato fries to start and I took an avocado strawberry shake for the road. Yum!! bowllery

Denton is so lucky to have this restaurant! I really wish they would franchise it for Austin (hint hint). Anyway I am rambling here! Tomorrow is my birthday and fun times will ensue. Eating, hard leg day, more eating, and rock climbing again! Hope my mamas had a great Mother’s Day!

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