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Day 6 Sugar Cleanse – Over the hump and feeling good

I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop that let’s me keep my unsweetened soy milk in their fridge and I have vegan donuts staring me in the face. I can honestly say I do not want them. Day 6 and my body has officially stopped wanting and craving sugar.

And I’ve decided that I don’t ever want to get hooked on the stuff again.

The whole reason for a simple sugar cleanse that didn’t have any other serious restrictions was to show you how easy it is to give up one thing and help you see how that one thing could change your whole life. What we are doing is sustainable. You hopefully will have no desire to binge after the cleanse, which is what most people do with other “cleanses”. I’ve gotten some slack from a few people, “You are eating corn chips on a cleanse?” and so on but I believe in moderation when it comes to organic snack food and it works for me. What doesn’t work for me is pastries, scones, cupcakes, and other treats with sugar in moderation. It’s that addictive. I personally can be happy with one treat a week or even every two weeks but if I start down a path to having it every day I’m screwed. And that’s what happened around my birthday last month. Hence the need for a sugar cleanse.

My hope is after the 10 days you will keep going!

Here is a fun circuit I did last week. Ever since I sprained my ankle I haven’t been able to train heavy or do serious cardio so I’ve switched over to circuit training to increase my intensity and burn some calories. It’s like cardio for me. Have fun with it!

Full Body Circuit (timed)

circuitworkout6 exercises, 6 rounds, 45 seconds on for each exercise (instead of rep counting), 10 seconds to transition to the next, and 1-2 minute break after you complete the circuit. Where you see two exercises I did 3 sets of each. As always pick the appropriate weight for you. This is a high repetition circuit so you will need lighter weights than you would normally use for a 8-10 rep range.

1. Bench Step-ups
2. Bicep curls/Tricep Dips off bench
3. Bosu Ball Bridge Pulses
4. Russian Twists/Weighted Sit-ups
5. Overhead Shoulder Press/Alternating Front Raises
6. Sumo Squats
(I used two 15lb dumbbells for leg stuff, two 7.5lb dumbbells for arm stuff, one 15lb dumbbell for the sit-ups)

Don’t forget to move your body on this cleanse! I know the first half you were probably dragging and didn’t want to do a thing but now is the time to get out there and make it count!

How are you feeling? Ready to conquer the world?

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