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Day 10 Sugar Cleanse – Will you keep going?

Today we embark on the last day of our 10-Day Sugar Cleanse! I must say it was easier than I thought and I want to continue. I’m thinking of adding an unprocessed challenge on top of it to really give my body a chance to reset!

So how are you doing? Easier than you thought? Will you keep going?

For all of you who joined us during this cleanse I’d like to offer you $25 off my 28-day Wellness Reboot program. If you want to really take your health and fitness to the next level this is the program for you! It’s the most comprehensive plant-based program available and includes a full 28 day meal plan, cooking videos, and more. For more details on the program and to watch a video about it visit this page.

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If you are really serious about taking your health and fitness to the next level join my 16- Week Personalized Fitness Program (with or without meal plan). You’ve probably seen me post many testimonials to my Facebook page and you can find some at the bottom of this page with more details on what is included in my 16-week program.

Sign up now to work with me and change your life! Let me know if you have any questions! Discounts are valid until July 8th! It’s never too late to get your health on track!

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