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Red Quinoa Sushi with Purple Asparagus

May Cooking By Color – Purple/Blue

I have finally broken by cooking video dry spell!! I do apologize for taking so long. It turns out my new kitchen is a great place to do videos but I’m still figuring out the lighting situation. My dad gave me a tripod but the head piece was missing and I’m waiting for that to come in the mail. Thankfully a few cookbooks worked to prop up the camera!

If you’ve been reading I let you know a few weeks ago that posts were going to slow down because I wasn’t in the kitchen creating exciting recipes because of my training schedule. Also my diet has gotten pretty simple. Usually it’s red lentils, quinoa, and greens or a big salad. But everyone once in awhile I will do something that’s a little more creative.


Sushi is old news but have you ever made it with quinoa? I purchased a huge bag of red quinoa from Costco and it has become my staple complex carbohydrate (next to sweet potatoes). I make a big batch of it on Sunday then use it for different things throughout the week. I toss it in salads, use it in collard green wraps, and make sushi rolls with it. Let me know show you how!

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I found beautiful purple asparagus at the store to feature for purple month. Turns out when you blanch it it loses a lot of it’s purple color but it’s still tasty nonetheless.

I’d love to hear what YOUR favorite things are to put in sushi rolls! Have you ever tried using another grain or something else for the rice? Tell us in the comments! 

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