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What happens in Los Angeles…comes back home with you and ruins your life

Okay so my life isn’t ruined. I’m being a little bit dramatic.

Two weekends ago I went to Los Angeles to visit my friends I haven’t seen in over three years, but also to do a photoshoot with the amazing Melissa Schwartz, creator of the vGirls/vGuys. This project is incredible for a number of reasons. It shows that vegans are beautiful, compassionate people, that we aren’t (all) crazy or weird or any other negative stereotype we get, but she also features athletes showing that you can be strong and healthy on a vegan diet. Enter my first photoshoot as an athlete!

Here’s a sneak peek from behind the scenes! Wowza! I had no idea I could look like that. I’ve come a long way since my first competition (July 2013) and put on some measurable size in muscle. And my goal is to build even more muscle and look like Erin Stern (a girl can dream right?).


But before all this awesomeness happened I sprained my ankle. On the first day of my vacation. Doing something really stupid and pointless at one of the nicest gyms in LA. I had a trip to the beach planned and a lovely hike and all I could do the whole time was have my ankle elevated and iced. This is the first injury I ever had the pleasure to receive. And it was scary and only somewhat painful.



Breaks were taken from elevating to eat at some of the delicious restaurants that opened since I moved away. And I got to see so many of my old friends. So it ended up being a really great trip. I missed my friends dearly!

I went to Sage Bistro twice while I was in town. Seriously, if I lived in LA again I would be overweight and broke. The new food available blows my mind and it was already pretty amazing for eats when I lived there! The Culver City Sage is one of the coolest designed restaurants I’ve ever been to and perfect for large groups. Thanks to everyone that made it out both times! I had the Brazilian Bowl, then had the Tuna Melt made with jackfruit. They both were awe-mazing!


Lyfe Kitchen was another one of my favorites and I ate there twice as well. The tofu tacos below were a hit as well as their Quinoa Crunch Bowl and sweet potato fries. I only wish Austin had something as awesome as either of these restaurants.


While I nursed my ankle and my friends Rachel and Kelli took care of me I made the saddening realization that I would not be able to compete this weekend as originally planned. This brought me to tears because I’ve been working so hard the last seven months. I didn’t want to let all of you or my coach down. But I must take the time I need to heal my ankle. So I’ve got my eyes on a show in June and one in July depending on how fast I heal and can hit my legs again. My upper body still works so my plan is hit the gym 4x a week for upper body work until I can use my legs again. Other than that I’m working from home with my foot elevated. It’s been bizarre since I haven’t stopped being active for this long since I started lifting over a year ago.

Sometimes life tells you to slow it down. And even if you want to give it the bird you gotta embrace this part of the journey. I’m trying to do that as gracefully as possible.


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  1. Perfect timing for your post! I’m heading to L.A. in just a few days. Living in Texas, the choices are not so plentiful! I hope to try these eating places in California! Email me more places to try, if you want! 🙂

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