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Why Western Medicine Sucks & You Should Be Your Own Doctor

I’m on vacation this week! Woot! I really needed a getaway and heard that Tree of Life (Dr. Gabriel Cousens retreat center) had a Thanksgiving day celebration. “It’s only a 15 hour drive” I thought to myself. I can handle that. Since I’m passing through El Paso and met the lovely Lisa from the Vegetarian Society of El Paso at the Chili Cook-off, she helped me set up a book signing here. So I’m here in El Paso, staying with my friend’s parents who just went vegan a week or so ago, relaxing and such. I head to Patagonia, Arizona tomorrow for three days of bliss and relaxation. So I wasn’t going to post anything this week (except a guest recipe post).

Until this happened:

As my friend’s dad and I were sharing some Coconut Bliss Granola we chatted about his high cholesterol, his travels to other countries where he lost weight even though he ate more, and how he wasn’t on any medication. He told me how he went to the doctor for a routine check-up and they were shocked that he wasn’t on ANY medication. The doctor was literally taken a back and didn’t believe him. It has become the norm for anyone over the age of 40 to be on at least one if not 10 different medications. I’m reminded of another friend who recently told me her father was on fifteen (yes 15) medications.

How did the United States become such a place where it’s the norm that everyone be on medication?? It’s not like this in other parts of the world. Since I am not in western medicine circles and haven’t had many chances to sit over tea and granola with people of an older generation, our conversation was enlightening. He informed me that doctors have to prescribe medications because they can get sued by their patients if something happens to them. If a patient has complications due to their high cholesterol, and the doctor didn’t give them a pill for said high cholesterol a jury will side with the patient saying the doctor was negligent. If the doctor told him or her to eat less foods that are high in cholesterol, change their diet, get exercise and be less sedentary alone without a prescription the doctor is liable for that patient’s health. WHAT???

So not only are doctors getting kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies for prescribing meds they are doing so to protect their asses. They will hand you a sheet that tells you what kinds of foods to eat to help you reduce your cholesterol as well as prescribe a pill that will help lower it. Guess who created that list? Probably a mix of the FDA, USDA, and AMA; all organizations that are in the pockets of big business and have no real interest in your health. This list will include foods like meat and dairy, which are high in cholesterol and contribute to your problem. How many of you have been to a doctor that suggested a mostly or all plant-based diet to you to lower cholesterol?

Doctors are not responsible for anyone’s health and wellbeing. YOU are responsible for your health. No doctor can fix your health issues and it’s not really their responsibility. Sure they can give you a pill that will be a band-aid to your symptoms, never truly fixing your ailment or disease. If you want to actually cure yourself of anything you must change your diet and lifestyle. Pills keep symptoms at bay, maybe make your life a little more comfortable, but in the long run, they cause more harm than good (in many instances, not all medication is “bad”).

It’s never too late to attempt a healthier life with good diet and exercise. My dad at the age of 65 is living proof that changing one’s diet can transform your health, literally curing what ails you, helping you get off your medications. So why aren’t more people taking charge of their health? There doesn’t seem to be one answer, but there is hope for us. The younger generations will rise up, make change, educate others, share their knowledge. I feel like we are on the brink of something big. A tipping point is nearing. Even though the state of our country saddens me I can’t get depressed. I must use this as fuel to help others, to set a good example, to live my truth, to be the change.

Be the change.

(Granted western medicine does have purpose for fixing broken bones and such. I’m not saying it’s totally worthless.)