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Travel Log: All day of travel to reach Jakarta

I know I haven’t blogged much lately; things have been busy to say the least. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Portland VegFest where I was the emcee for the new Fitness stage. It was the first time they offered fitness classes and it was a huge success! I gave a demo on how to use a resistance band and different exercises for all the muscle groups. It was my first time leading a fitness demo and it was more difficult than I imagined it would be. I’ve been speaking and teaching cooking classes for 10 years but the fitness thing is all very new. It’s hard to articulate what you are doing with your body into words haha!


I returned on Monday, did laundry, finished packing, paid rent, and tied up all loose ends for my 7 week excursion to Indonesia and Australia. If you didn’t know already I’ve come to visit my friend Lori (who is an amazing personal trainer and food coach) in Jakarta and she is helping me lead the retreat in Bali on the 18th. We’ll be spending the next week planning the food, cooking classes, and fitness talks for the retreat. All while fitting in time for the gym, exploring, getting massages, and trying out some restaurants of course.

When I arrived she had these cute presents on my bed and I brought her things from Texas like coffee, Thunderbird bars, and my new favorite protein powder, NuZest. I got in at 11:30 pm and lost a day while traveling. After I got home from Portland I started changing my sleep schedule over to Indonesian time so when I arrived I wouldn’t have jet lag. I took a few cat naps throughout the first day here and generally feeling pretty awesome! But it is an adjustment. I haven’t been sleeping through the night yet.

I still managed a good gym day with Lori on Friday (we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Flex Friday!) and on Saturday we went to the Organic, Green, & Healthy Expo, which was in its 4th year! It’s awesome to see that people in Indonesia care about important matters like organic farming and sustainability. I got to see Simone of The Wellness Warung do a raw food uncooking demo, we tried some delicious food and samples, and then went to the National Museum for a cultural experience.

Today, Sunday here, we are just chilling and working at home because it’s a huge Muslim holiday where they slaughter animals. We can hear their squeals from the nearby mosque and it’s extremely sad. We don’t plan to leave the house today.

I will document my travels here just like I did when I went to Asia 3 years ago. If you ever want to find the travel post you can use the search box in the right sidebar and search “travel log”.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and start of fall! If you are in Sydney I’ll be speaking at the Cruelty-free Festival on October 26th. Hope to see you there!

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