Exploring New Veggies: Kholrabi Slaw with Lemon Cashew Mayonnaise

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This post should have gone out yesterday but things have been busy to say the least. My biggest news: a friend and I signed a lease for a new house on Friday! It’s lovely, affordable and the kitchen is open and perfect for filming. I’m super thrilled to start doing videos again for ya! We move in next week and I’m not even close to packed and ready. Moving in general is not very fun, am I right? But once it’s done, decorated, and christened with a housewarming party full of friends you realize it was all worth it.

pantry purge

Sunday I started Operation Pantry Purge. There’s was a vegan potluck at Beyond Fit that evening so I spent the morning cooking a ton of food! We are just moving across town but it’s a pain to move all this stuff! So I made a lentil nut pate (a favorite!), chickpea salad with veggies from my garden and homemade cashew dijon mayo dressing and a loaf with hemp, hazelnuts, dried cranberries topped with coconut. I used Dreena Burton’s recipe as the base and it turned out amazing! I cruised through 7 jars from my cabinet so it was a good morning. The potluck was fun too! Below are some of the yums we had (you can see my lentil pate and chickpea salad on the left).

BF Potluck

Last week I introduced you to kohlrabi. Maybe you two already had a relationship or maybe you had never cooked with it before like me. Hope you ran to the store and made you some kohlrabi fries! Today I present to you a vitamin-packed, cancer-fighting coleslaw made with kohlrabi! For those of you trying to reduce oil and processed food in your diet I’ve got a cashew mayo that will make your heart soar. This can be used in place of vegan mayo in other recipes.

shredded kohlrabi

My intern came up with the idea to make a raw coleslaw with kohlrabi, broccoli stems, carrots, and bok choy stems. Yes you can eat all these veggies raw! I find them easier to chew and digest if you shred them (above we used a Microplane grater) or peel them very thin with a peeler. You are welcome to use whatever veggies you want for this coleslaw. Some jicama or cabbage would be a nice addition!

kohlrabi coleslaw2


Do you ever have a feeling you want to eat more raw food? As soon as I get moved into my new house my plan is to really up the nutrient dense raw foods in my diet for the month and cut out all the processed foods.

Next month we feature WHITE/BROWN/BLACK foods for our Cooking By Color feature. What would you like to see featured? 

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