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September Cooking Tool of the Month and Grilled Cauliflower

September Cooking Tool of the Month – Grill

Howdy everyone! I hope you enjoyed last month’s dehydrator series! This month we feature the grill. Why the grill do you ask? This is the part of the year called Indian Summer (at least in Texas). It’s the last leg of summer that’s really hot, heavy and stagnant. It’s this time of year that you want to use the quickest cooking methods possible. Grilling is perfect because it’s quick and easy and does not require a lot of prep or ingredients. So this month we’ll be sharing different things to grill and delicious recipes you can make with those grilled items. Are you excited?

I don’t actually have a grill. When I chose this for September I was living with my dad who had a grill and dating someone who had a grill. So today I will show you how to use a grill pan for those of you who also do not have a grill. I’m not sure why I didn’t purchase a grill pan sooner. Grilling is fun!!

Grilled Cauliflower

I remember last year or so when cauliflower “steaks” were all the rage. Remember those days? I figured if cauli-steaks were delish baked they sure would be good on the grill. Cauliflower has a simple taste that takes on the flavor of the spices you coat it with. Today we are using Za’atar, which I got at the Savory Spice Shop on 6th Street. This shop is a foodie heaven!! If you have one near you I highly recommend you take a trip there!

Za’atar is a Middle Eastern/Mediteranean blend of spices that includes sumac, toasted sesame seeds, cumin, thyme, oregano, marjoram and salt. It’s commonly found served on pita or sprinkled on top of hummus. It’s rich and fragrant. I figured it would be delicious coated on cauliflower then grilled. Indeed it was!

Za'atar seasoning

Watch the video below to see how I cooked the cauliflower on the grill pan. If you are viewing this through email please click through to the actual post to see the video. You can use any sort of spice mix with this recipe. I tried another spice mix called Rogan Josh from the Savory Spice Shop and it was delicious too. I marinated tofu with this and grilled it and it was the best tofu I have ever made! I will share that recipe next week.

What are your favorite things to grill? What would you like to see featured this month with the Cooking Tool of the Month feature? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Cauli steaks were all the rage 2 years ago?! Oh man, I feel lame. I made my first one the other day and was so excited to post about it, but apparently, I'm behind the curve 🙂

    Nice grilling series/posts!

    1. I first saw them in The Kind Diet! Girl I’m so late to the party on most things. I made banana soft serve for the first time last week and saw your post about it in 2009!!! LOL ;P

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