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Travel log: My days in Taiji, Japan

Monday September 27th

in Taiji where the movie The Cove was filmed and home to the worst dolphin slaughter in the world


I’m here at the Sea Shepherd headquarters on the ground at Taiji. I’m happy to report that I have nothing to report. The whole time I’ve been in Taiji the weather has been bad at sea and the fishermen did not go out to reel dolphins into the cove. I’ve been experiencing some interesting things here though. We have to be on high alert when traveling through the city and suspicious of everyone. Scott and Elora have told me some crazy stories of things that have happened over the last 2 weeks, but my time here was very quiet. Everyday we’d wake up and head out to the cove at 6:30am to see if the fishermen went out. Only 1 day did a few of the boats go out, but not the whole fleet. We watched from on top of a hill as they came back into dock. They needed the whole fleet be able to drive the dolphins in, but the water was very choppy.

It’s raining and hopefully will continue to rain. I’ve been told that the killing season really gets started in October and it saddens me to think about what the dolphins will face then. More people are coming on October 2nd, but even more people need to start coming here to show that we will not accept the activities that happen here. If you live in Japan or know anyone that does please let them know about this important issue and come join us here in Taiji. The more people that come the better. Get in contact with Sea Shepherd if you can come. If you can’t come here’s what you can do.

Many organizations are asking that you write or email the Japanese Embassys to voice your concern. There is a worldwide event planned for October 14th sponsored by SaveJapanDolphins.org. To organize or join a rally near you please visit their website for information.

For continued updates on the happenings at the Cove please subscribe to Elora’s blog, where she posts daily updates and videos. News came in that an organization name Black Fish cut the nets of the dolphin pins and released some of the captive dolphins. If this organization is in Taiji performing illegal activities I hope it doesn’t have negative consequences for Sea Shepherd and those who still may be coming. I am happy that some dolphins were spared of course, but organizations like these do not think of the consequences of their actions.

Thank you for reading and letting me share this important cause that is so dear to my heart. If we ban together we can truly make a difference. Please do not support aquariums and dolphinariums that hold these beautiful creatures captive.

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