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Quick Recap of My Trip to NYC and the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest

It was a whirlwind trip of only 3 days but it was memorable to say the least. I really love New York even with it’s freezing temperatures and expensive cab rides. My favorite things about the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest weekend were getting to see old friends, making new friends and of course eating a lot of amazing food! Did you get to go to the festival? What were your favorite speakers, products, or things about it? I love that there was a line wrapped around the building all day because it means veganism is not going anywhere. I chatted with so many people that weren’t even vegetarian so I know the festival made a big difference in opening peoples’ minds. So awesome. I will recap my trip with photo collages and then tomorrow we start March’s Cooking By Color ORANGE month!

me and doronMorning love and kisses from Doron of Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC ain’t a bad way to start the day! They ship their treats nationwide so get on it!

Beyond SushiI really have a thing for veggie sushi and Beyond Sushi blew my mind! The most creative and delicious sushi I have ever tried. It’s a must next time you are in NYC!

more beyond sushi

no meat athleteIt was great meeting Matt from No Meat Athlete. I’ve been a big fan of his website and the community he has built. Yay for new friends in fitness! I’ll be sporting my new tank top this week in the gym.

honey labronxIt was super awesome meeting Honey LaBronx and Ellen Jaffe Jones! I’m a big fan of her cooking show and she was SO excited to meet me because she loves my cookbook, Blissful Bites. Her and Our Hen House made some of my recipes in an episode! I felt like such a celebrity that someone was so thrilled to meet me. Check out the episode here. Ellen is such an inspiration, winning so many marathon medals!

ayindeI was grateful to my friend and host Ximena who is a Jivamukti yoga teacher for introducing me to her follow yogi Ayinde. This guy does some very inspirational cooking! And such a cutie! You can see us both April 6th at the Texas VegFest in Austin! Check out Ximena’s new website Yoga For Angry Vegans. It rules.

nyc products

It’s always exciting to see my favorite non-profits and vegan companies! Mercy For Animals was there to represent, along with Herbivore Clothing, Upton’s seitan and a new ice cream that is a game changer, DF Mavens! Seriously the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had!

I didn’t have a chance to take photos of everyone but it was a 2 day vegan love fest with Erin Red of Red Radio, Sharon of Big City Vegan, Victoria Moran, Miyoko Schinner, Gene Baur, Dianne of VeggieGirl.com, PlantFusion, Kristina from FullyRaw, The Jazzy Vegetarian, Doug McNish¬†and Demetrius from Vegucated (who I had a blast eating around town with!), Nava Atlas (who I briefly met at Peacefood and then had a dream about last night lol), and so many more! Sorry if I forgot anyone!!

If you don’t have a vegfest in your town it’s time to start one! It only takes a few dedicated and passionate people. Big thanks to Sarah and Nira for putting on such a wonderful event. It’s time to upgrade to a bigger space for next year (a good problem to have)!! If anyone snapped any photos of me during my talk please post them on my Facebook page!

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