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February Cooking By Color – White, Brown, Black

Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook, Vegan Eats World, is one of the best cookbooks to come out recently. Being a world traveler I’m a big fan of a full color cookbook that features some of my favorite foods from across the globe. It’s almost like the noodle chapter was written just for me! One of my favorite white foods happens to be rice noodles! Read on to find out how to make Terry’s take on my favorite dish from Thailand; Pad Thai with Avocado and Spicy Greens.

Vegan Eats World Asparagus Bisque

I tried a few recipes from Vegan Eats World and they were all delish. Last month I made the French Farmhouse Asparagus Bisque (page 123) in hopes of posting this review during my green month, but it never made it to the blog! So when February came along I looked in the index to see what kind of white foods I could choose from. Rice Noodles for the win! I had a hard time choosing from all the delicious sounding rice noodle dishes, but ended up having everything on hand for the pad thai. Honestly, avocado didn’t sound so good to me for this dish so I left it out.

Pad Thai - Vegan Eats World

Pad Thai is really one of the easiest dishes from Thailand to whip up. I like the addition of spicy greens and went with arugula. I loved the baked tofu, and my roommate has been making it every week since so we have yummy tofu on hand. I left out the garlic and reduced the shallot to only one, because I can’t handle that much allium family and it was just fine for me.

Click here for this Pad Thai with Avocado and Spicy Greens recipe! Enter the giveaway for the book at the bottom of this post! Now onto my review of the cookbook!


I really like the use of the symbols for the recipes, which include under 45 minutes, inactive cooking time, cheaper, beginner recipes, low-fat, gluten-free, soy-free. This are extremely helpful for those in a hurry, on a budget, or have allergies.

The kitchen cartography is very informative yet simple for beginners. Lots of great information here. Being a chef and cooking instructor this section gives me warm fuzzies. I like when cookbooks share important details like knife techniques, tips for cooking, and ingredient glossaries especially when something as unique as global cuisine.

Spice mixture recipes are a nice touch. Toasting and or grinding your own spices can make such a big difference. The taste of bottled store bought garam masala is different than making your own. Homemade is so much more flavorful.

I really like the pickles, chutneys and saucier sauces chapter. Everyone seems to associate “pickles” with cooked brined cucumbers so showing some quick pickle variations is a nice touch. I also love making my own sauces and dressings from scratch. The macrobiotic side of me is going gaga for this chapter.

I like the added info in the swirly blue text telling you where to find ingredients or what tools to use. Helpful and highlighting it with the blue swirls makes it easy to find. I also like the green box info on various ingredients.


It doesn’t seem as “international” as I would hope for but highlights some cuisine I’m sure most people have not tried but should! I wish the recipes were easily marked by what part of the country it’s from. The “globes” before the recipe could have been used for that. Some recipes you need to read quite a bit to find out where it’s from. For someone who does not know about food from other nations they are not going to easily be able to identify it based on the title.


It’s a must have if you like global cuisine. Most of what you’ll find is Asian, Middle Eastern, with Indian, French and Italian thrown in. For more Latino flair be sure to check out Terry’s last book Viva Vegan!

What are your favorite ethnic foods? Have you traveled the world and found cultures that naturally have a lot of vegan options?

TWO lucky people in the US or Canada will win a copy of Vegan Eats World! Enter below and I’ll announce the winner next Friday!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Winners are Millie and Tricia S.

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    1. I also love stir frys and would love to try pad thai, never have because I try and stay away from noodles.

  1. I really enjoy VEW as well, but I definitely think it is very international. It lacks North American foods but covers most other continents pretty well, no? Anyways, my favourite cuisine in Indian and she has a lot to pick from there. 🙂

  2. Like most Americans, I love Italian and Indian food. I’m just starting to explore more Indian dishes, though, and that’s been fun.

  3. I adore Ethiopian, Thai, and Indian cuisine. I’ve recently been getting into Vietnamese and Korean food, too. Most of my traveling is through these food adventures at home or at an ethnic restaurant. Fits my budget better 🙂

  4. Sweet and sour asian anything is always a favorite, but Ukranian pierogies are high on my list, too.

  5. That’s a tough question! I guess I really like Asian food, especially when it involves soy sauce, roasted sesame oil and sriracha sauce.

  6. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this book when I met Terry at Tampa’s Veg Fest last summer before it was released. I immediately fell in love with the book and all the great choices! My favorite recipe from the book is the Sweet Potato and Kale Fatoosh! So amazing!

    My favorite ethnic cuisines are Vietnamese , Thai and Indian.

    I’d love to win a copy to share. This is one of my favorite vegan books for sure! 🙂

  7. I adore Indian with all the wonderful spices, veggies and especially lentils. I get in ruts though and this book looks like it would inspire me to try other dishes.

  8. I haven’t tried too many ethnic foods, but I’ve liked most of what I have tried. I’d love to try more, and having a good international vegan cookbook would help a lot!

  9. I love trying Asian and South American dishes, but my all time favourite is Middle Eastern, I always seem to come back to chickpeas!

  10. I love trying out recipes and adore ethnic cuisine. A copy of this book would be a wonderful addition to my vegan cookbook collection (which is not too big yet since I’m a relatively new vegan)!

  11. Pad Thai is actually one of my all-time favorite dishes! My favorite is probably Latin food, but I also love Asian. I would love to win a copy of this cookbook because I reluctantly had to return the copy I checked out from the library yesterday. It’s a great cookbook!

  12. My favs are thai and mexican food, And while Thai is my absolute favorite, I’m more successful at cooking mexican-style dishes. I hope trying this one will change my record of ruining thai food at home 🙂

  13. Anything Mexican, Italian or Asian. Also, I love Israeli/ Middle Eastern recipes. I know these are broad categories, but I love different foods for the variety of flavors they bring to the table. Can’t wait to see this cookbook!

  14. I love Mexican food, and I make bean burritos for dinner at least once a week. Easy, fast, healthy, and delicious!

  15. I love Indian cuisine. Egglant Bharta and anything with curry are my faves. Thank you for the giveaway!

  16. My favorite ethnic food is Japanese, so I absolutely adore our vegan macrobiotic Japanese restaurant here in L.A. called Shojin. Incredible vegan sushi rolls, kale caesar salad, soups…

  17. I love Indian food and how it takes such simple ingredients and makes them magnificent through the use of spices. Chickpea masala is tasty!

  18. I think Asian cuisine is perhaps the most vegan-friendly of all. I’ve never had a problem finding a vegan dish at a restaurant, and have whipped up countless easy, fast recipes at home. I’d love to expand my knowledge even further!

  19. I ♥ Asian food, especially Thai. It’s funny b/c I never really liked it that much before I went vegan, but when I was forced to try new foods that weren’t meat and dairy-based, I realized I had been missing out big time!

  20. Ethiopian, Indian and Thai are at the top of my favorites list. So many vegetable and legume based dishes to choose from. Yum!

  21. I LOVE Terry Hope Romero’s stuff! I was introduced to her as the duo in the amazing Veganomicon with Isa Chandra Moskowitz, and have been excited to get my hands on Vegan Eats World! Thanks for running the giveaway!!

  22. I really enjoy Greek food. Before I went vegan, I enjoyed lamb and mousaka but now, I would get meatless mousaka! They use a lot of eggplant in their dishes, and I’m a big fan of that and all other veggies.

  23. I am a global eater. I love Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Euroean, Middle Eastern, Morrocan, Jamaican. Oh Yum!

  24. My favorites are Thai, Middle Eastern and Japanese. Mexican also but that is so common here in Dallas it doesn’t seem int’l. 🙂 This new cookbook looks great and I’m printing the Thai recipe to make this weekend! Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. I commented but didn’t see the ‘unlocked’ other ways to win. Someone please advise…thanks much!

  26. I recently did some traveling in SE Asia. In several places I visited, it was difficult enough to understand what I was ordering, let alone find vegan-friendly options! Whenever I was in doubt, Indian dishes always saved the day. I’d love to learn more variations on my favorite Indian dishes, as well as some Asian adaptations that I missed when I was traveling! Thanks!

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