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Meatless Monday: Berry and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Yuzu Mustard Dressing

This has been my go to salad all summer long since berries are in season and plentiful locally. Yuzu is a Japanese fruit similar to a mandarin. The fruit itself is rarely eaten but it’s essence is used in all kinds of things from vinegar, ponzu sauce, tea, liquor, marmalade, cakes, and body products. I…

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Happy ThanksLiving & Sage-crusted Tofu Patties

Happy ThanksLiving from Thailand! I’m kind of bummed that I will miss my favorite holiday. I’m stuck on a beautiful island off Thailand, poor me 😉 Usually I’m slaving away in the kitchen making delicious food for various potlucks around town. My favorite part is, of course, gorging and eating so much delish vegan food….