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After a week of eating out way too much it was nice to get back on my healthy diet. I visited the gym everyday since my birthday, taking two days off from weight training. The lifting is going AWESOME. I continue to break records and lift heavier each week. At the 24 hour fitness I feel like a total badass because I’m the only girl ever in the weight training section. Come on ladies, join me in some heavy lifting!


It’s amazing how life is easier now that I lift. Walking around is easier because you can carry your body weight better. Doing simple everyday tasks are a breeze. My energy is through the roof. I’m only drinking coffee a few days a week now just for fun. I love my new muscles. If you haven’t started yet I highly recommend you up your weight training to at least 3x a week people!! I wouldn’t lie to you about it’s awesomeness if it wasn’t true! Check out one of my leg workouts below.


If you follow me on Instagram I post photos of my workouts and what I’m eating. Once or twice a week I will post a “#fuelcollage” that shows you a day in the life of my meals. People keep asking about how I’m fueling myself for my workouts and this will give you an idea. The 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day is working great. I eat when I’m hungry and fuel myself with whole foods (with the occasional treat).

fuel collage 5-18

This is a sample from 5/18. I started the day with green tea and lemon. Meal 2 (moving counterclockwise from top left): 1 banana, 4 strawberries with 2 TB almond butter and hemp seeds. Meal 3: the meal I prepped last week 1/2 sweet potato, fried tofu, asparagus with 1/4 avocado, nooch and Sass Gaia dressing. Had a treat because hell it was that time of the month and I couldn’t resist (6 pieces of chocolate). Meal 4: post weight training protein shake. Meal 5: napa rolls with hummus, cuke and avo. Meal 6: an experiment of 1/2 avocado, chocolate #plantfusion and rice milk blended topped with cinnamon and strawberries.

On an average day I’m consuming 1700-1800 calories. I EAT! I do not starve myself. This is how much I need to maintain my weight (currently at 105 lbs) and hopefully continue to grow muscle. Since we are about 9 weeks out from the competition I’m going to try cutting back my starchy carbohydrates and adding back in more cardio. Time to kick it into high gear if I’m going to get the results I want in 2 months! We’ll see what happens. (Update: I never did add in more cardio. But I am now at 7 1/2 weeks out!!)

What did you do to move your body? What are you eating this week? Share in the comments!

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