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How to make noodles from vegetables

June Cooking Tool of the Month – Spiralizer

Alright blissful folks I have a video for you that shows how easy it is to use a spiralizer. But what if you don’t want to buy another gadget that takes up space you may not have? I show you another way to make noodles from vegetables using a tool I got in Thailand. I’ve seen them at Asian stores as well. So don’t fret if you don’t have a spiralizer!


So as you can see this gadget is fun and super easy to use. I read some of the reviews on Amazon and some people were having trouble with this spiralizer, but I find it to be one of the easiest tools to use. I ended up making sushi with some leftover millet I had in the fridge and the cucumber noodles.

Have you ever made sushi from millet or other grains?

I don’t think you really need a set recipe for sushi. I show you how to make it in the video. Use whatever grain you have (the softer it is it will stick together better in the roll), throw in whatever veggies you have available, and rock and roll.

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And did you see that I’m the newest contributor for Forks Over Knives? Jump on over there to get my Fiesta Quinoa Salad recipe.

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  1. You'll start seeing tons more people with Vibrams now that you have them! Don't worry about the running part of TM. It's very broken up by the obstacles, and if it's mountainous like in VT, you'll be doing more walking/hiking than running. Definitely focus more on obstacles and general cardiovascular fitness!

  2. Great video!  I like quick and easy items.  Thanks for showing the spiralizer, and the other gadget.  I've never seen those.  

  3. Where can I get a spiralizer in Dallas? And could you recommend any nice place to eat raw food? Or at least healthy and vegetarian? Thanks

    1. I’m sorry I’m just seeing your comment! It’s best to buy them online from Amazon. The only one I’ve seen in person is at ACE Mart and it was $60+ commercial grade one.

      Check out dallasvegan.com for a list of all the veg places to eat in DFW! There’s only one raw place.

  4. Tough Mudder! A friend of mine went last year and he wore the vibram and the rocks killed his feet on the gravel paths. And his Velcro failed due to the mud. Maybe you’re tougher? He’s only ran a few short months in them and never in the trails. If you train correctly I’ll see you pass us up this October! Congrats to you and thanks for supporting our wounded warriors! Thanks for the noodles too! Oh I thought I saw the 11 and 12 mile markers last year to the race. But others have said it’s 10 too. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Eric! This post is from last year so I already did the mudder last October. It was hard!! The Vibrams were great during the race but I was under-trained in general so I was limping for days after. I think the one here was 12 miles. It was grueling! Good luck on your race!

  5. I am enjoying these tool of the month videos. Even though I own most of these tools already, seeing how you use them makes me want to use them more often!

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