Travel log 10: Singapore

October 30th-November 3rd, 2010

I wasn’t planning on staying in Singapore this long because it’s expensive compared to the other Southeast Asia countries. But a couch surfer I met and stayed with in Penang was going to be visiting so I came early to meet up with him. We had a good time trying vegan restaurants, walking around town, stumbled upon an amazing art gallery, saw the harbor area at night all lit up, went to the Asian Civilization Museum for free on Halloween night, and explored Chinatown. It was super good times.

We stayed in The Hive (dorm 20 SD), which is a great hostel with free breakfast, free wifi, really nice staff, and clean rooms/bathrooms. I had the opportunity to meet up with some locals, one girl I met in Penang, one girl I met on Couchsurfing who was born here, and got to stay in a super nice condo with Dave, the Australian boy who I met in KL (you can read the Malaysia post for details on that ;). Everyone was super nice and showed me interesting things in the city!

My favorite restaurant was Naive. We had battered oyster mushrooms with this sweet and spicy sauce and it was to die for!! Another great place was a donation based Indian restaurant named Annalakshimi. Amazing huge buffet! Deli Vege was good too and I loved the posters all over the wall. You can see them in the photos below, but my favorite says “You coming here to eat has saved another life. With folded hands we thank you.” I ate at many other good places, but their names escape me.

Here is a slideshow of Singapore. Even though it’s expensive and really hot I enjoyed my time there.



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