FAQ10 With a Vegan Chef: What brands of skincare and bodycare do you use?

Today's FAQ post has nothing to do with food at all! Someone wanted to know what kind of skin, hair, and body products I use or recommend. For many years when I lived in Los Angeles I had two close friends that worked for the Whole Body department at Whole Foods. They got to take home any returns and then they were handed down to me. I took whatever I could get that was vegan. I literally did not have to buy body/skin/hair products for years! Those days are sadly over.

Now I try to find the best products for the cheapest. I am not made of money, so though I would like to use Dr. Hauschka that isn't in my budget. My main requirements are that it be vegan, non-toxic, low/no fragrance, and as natural as possible. When it comes to skin products I have a few brands that I really like that are affordable. I suggest you visit Whole Foods or your nearest natural food store and get samples of different products to find what works for you. 

My skin and hair care products

I'm a pretty simple gal with my skin routine. I have a cleanser, an exfoliant I use a few times a week, a moisturizer with sunscreen that I use daily, and a mask I use a few times a month. Why do I have different brands instead of using just one line? I'm not sure really. I guess I've never really found products in one line that I really love, so I keep trying different brands. 

Basically when it comes to skin products you really have to find what works for your skin type. The best thing for good skin is a whole foods vegan diet that is high in alkaline foods and low in acid foods like sugar, alcohol and processed food. There is only so much that a product can do for you if you continue to put junk inside your body. What you eat becomes the skin that you wear. Weird but so true. 

A great website that carries all cruelty-free vegan products is White Rabbit Beauty. Any natural food store should have knowledgable staff that can tell you which products are vegan-friendly. 

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Brands I'm using right now:

derma e – These award winning products are know for being 100% vegetarian (many products are vegan) and cruelty-free. They are just a really awesome company. Click here to get a sampler pack sent to you for the charge of shipping. Or visit a Whole Foods and ask the Whole Body team for some samples. 

Dr. Bronner's – For soap I'm using the Dr. Bronner's bar soap. I actually prefer bar soap to liquid for some reason. It's what I've been using since I was a kid so I guess old habits die hard. Dr. B has been around for years and is known for being one of the most natural products you can use. Their soaps are now organic and Fair Trade. I dig!

Earth Science – I've tried many different types of moisturizers with sunscreen and I keep coming back to this one. It's inexpensive, has a great texture and doesn't leave a film like some moisturizers with sunscreen can. Almost all of Earth Science products are vegan too. I also use the eye-makeup remover and the Mint Tingle Masque. I LOVE this mask!

Aveda – I use Aveda hair products from time to time. I do NOT use their skin care or makeup because they make me break out in red splotches. I'm not sure what it is, but something in their face products does not react well with me.

Giovanni – All their products are vegan except for the lip balms that contain beeswax. I just started using shampoo and conditioner from Giovanni. I love the Tea Tree Triple Threat shampoo. It makes your head a little tingly. I'm tempted to try their makeup! 

Other cruelty-free brands I've tried and liked: Dr. Hauschka, MyChelle (especially the Apple Brightening Cleanser), Nature's Gate, and I use Zuzu and Gabriel make-up. 

To make your bathroom smell delicious get A Scent of Scandal candles! 

My fave blog that talks about vegan beauty is from Sunny – Vegan Beauty Review. Do you know of any other good blogs? Share with us in the comments!

Tell us in the comments: What are YOUR favorite vegan brands of body, skin, and hair care?

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  1. Woohoo!  Thanks for this great post!  I'll have to check out Giovanni's line.  I've also heard good things about Dr. Bronner's soap.

  2. Evan Healy is the best skincare line I've ever used. I've been a fan for several years now, and use the entire line. For hair, I use Innersense Organics and John Masters Organics. Pricey, but the ingredients are the most natural I could find.

    1. I've heard of Evan Healy and think I might have tried it before. I can't wait till I have more income to spend on better products to try. For now I'm making due with what I got 🙂

  3. Just this year I decided to upgrade all my body care, hair care and makeup to vegan and organic. It has taken about 6 months to get all my products to fit the bill, and I'm so happy to finally use products that are animal free and cruelty free and NATURAL. I'm now using Australian brand INNIKA for makeup, Aussie company Organi for face care, an Indonesian company called Utama Spice for gorgeous masks made from all natural ingredients and body butters made from cocoa butter, oh and their lip balms and soaps too. I also use NZ brand Trilogy, I love their Everything Balm for, well, all sorts of things like chapped lips and flyaway hair or hand cream and I use their rose hip oil too. All great stuff! I used to balk at the price of these kind ofproducts, but now I see it as an investment in my health that I deserve- totally worth it to not have to use chemicals on my body.

  4. Coconut oil is my new favorite beauty product!  I use it as shaving cream (best ever), makeup remover (best ever) and lotion (really great too).  I first tried it because I have a ton of allergies, and different lotions were making me itchy, so a single-ingredient product is important for me so I don't have multiple ingredients that might set me off somehow.  Just bought your book by the way, I love it!  Have been thinking for a long time that books should be organized seasonally, and I've found myself feeling not the best after having alliums (nice to know it's not just me).  Your cookbook is just what I need, can't wait to try the recipes asap!

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