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Cooking By Color February: Are White, Brown, & Black foods Under-appreciated?

February Cooking By Color – White, Brown, Black As you may have seen in this post it’s been a crazy month so far! Traveling non-stop and not having internet in my new house made it really difficult to get out a blog post. And I didn’t have a kitchen to cook in! Should I have planned in advance for this transition and scheduled a recipe post? Yes. But to tell you the truth it was kind of a nice break. I spend many hours each day connecting with you on social media and actual recipe posts can take hours to complete.… Read more
Posted on 02/11/2013 | 2 Comments

Fun times at Rocky Raccoon and no internet

Howdy folks! I owe you a blog post about the February Cooking By Color announcement (which is WHITE, BROWN, BLACK) but it has been a crazy two weeks for me!! I do apologize! Here’s an update on the craziness that is my life. Last week I went to Dallas for a few days to meet with clients. A group of women hired me to do a cooking party for a birthday gift. None of them were vegan and they were unsure about the whole vegan thing.… Read more
Posted on 02/09/2013 | 3 Comments

Exploring New Veggies: Kholrabi Slaw with Lemon Cashew Mayonnaise

Cooking By Color – Green This post should have gone out yesterday but things have been busy to say the least. My biggest news: a friend and I signed a lease for a new house on Friday! It’s lovely, affordable and the kitchen is open and perfect for filming. I’m super thrilled to start doing videos again for ya! We move in next week and I’m not even close to packed and ready. Moving in general is not very fun, am I right?… Read more
Posted on 01/29/2013 | 2 Comments

Vegan Indian Food Using Collards From My Garden

Cooking By Color – Green When I took a gander at my garden last week the greens were flourishing. Especially our collard greens. But no one was eating them except the bugs. I grabbed all the bug-eaten leaves that I could to make this delicious Indian dish. No one was going to notice those little holes and I’m not one to waste. This dish turned out amazing and it’s so simple and quick to make. I’m in love with Trader Joe’s coconut cream!!… Read more
Posted on 01/21/2013 | 5 Comments

Guest Post: Broccoli Rabe With Plump Raisins & Pine Nuts

Cooking By Color – Green Today’s guest post features a beautiful green vegetable that many people have not used before. Broccoli rabe often gets overlooked by it’s bigger, plumper broccoli counterpart, but this easy dish from Monica at La Vegetariana is something you will surely want to try! Broccoli Rabe With Plump Raisins & Pine Nuts by Monica Sellecchia There’s something about broccoli rabe that reminds me of my family. My mother would cook it many times at home for dinner, but it was the taste of the vegetable that took me awhile to get used to.… Read more
Posted on 01/14/2013 | 1 Comment

2013 Blog Theme Announcement: Cooking By Color

We say goodbye to 2012 and our Cooking Tool of the Month feature on the blog. Welcome 2013! This year’s theme has been chosen: Cooking By Color. Each month we will feature foods and flavors from one color family. Of course I’m behind already because I was getting ready for the launch of Wellness Reboot (my new online wellness program). January is GREEN! When I gaze over my backyard garden the one thing that is thriving is the greens. Green vegetables love the winter months, so it was only appropriate to pick green as the January Cooking By Color choice.… Read more
Posted on 01/06/2013 | 7 Comments