Two of my favorite ways to use hemp (and it’s Hemp Week)!

Every week is Hemp Week in my book!

Hemp has been on the “IN” list for years. It’s one of the most well known “superfoods”. But for some reason I didn’t get on the hemp train until this year. I’ve had it in smoothies and dressings at restaurants, but didn’t start using it on the regular in my own kitchen until a few months ago. Crazy right?!


My two favorite ways to use this amazing seed that has a full range of amino acids, tons of protein per tablespoon, and Omega 3′s and 6′s is for smoothies and dressings.  Sure they taste good sprinkled on just about anything, but there’s something about blending it up that creates a smooth consistency you want in both a smoothie and a dressing.

Today I share with you two of my favorite recipes using hemp seeds over at HappyCow’s blog. Check them out!