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I’m so excited to share this feature on me and the owners of Vedge in Philadelphia. We shot this while I was on book tour in March, so I’ve been waiting patiently to see how it turned out! Here is the first part of the series. Visit the WHYY website for a few tasty recipes from Blissful Bites!

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  • Shiny Happy Vegan 07 / 07 / 2012 Reply

    Ahh!  That is my Whole Foods in that video!  I didn't know you were going to be there or I definitely would have gone 🙁 

    • Christy Morgan 08 / 07 / 2012 Reply

      Bummed to miss you! Hopefully I will be back sometime soon. I loved it there!

  • Cadry 08 / 07 / 2012 Reply

    Great job, Christy!  You spoke so eloquently about your transition and demystified what it means to be vegan.  This piece was really nicely put together, and all of the food looked amazing!

    • Christy Morgan 08 / 07 / 2012 Reply

      Thanks Cadry! I appreciate it. It was really exciting to do and I like how it turned out too.

  • Cadry 08 / 07 / 2012 Reply

    One more thing, I also liked how you said that being vegan brings you bliss.  I feel the same way!

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